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Our vineyard cottage Tomsic is located right under the top of the hill Vinji vrh, much known for the best wine named Cviček. So we can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view from our vineyard cottage, overlooking the city lights of Šentjernej and all villages around. We can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the Pannonian plain and mountain chain Gorjanci on the southeast and the Alps on the northwest. We also enjoy the beautiful sunrise over the Gorjanci and sunsets over the Alps mountains. The church of St. Andrew, which is at the top of the Vinji Vrh, right above us, protects our spiritual peace.

Mojca and I want to tell you just how much we enjoy our stay at the cottage. But above all, we enjoy viticulture, winemaking, and gardening. Of course, we enjoy trying what we have grown in the garden and vineyard. There is nothing nicer than preparing a meal of asparagus in the evenings and drinking a glass of good wine with it. Our wine and asparagus.

We can visit the SPA Šmarješke Toplice or wherever we choose to go. In fact, everything is at hand because Slovenia is a small country.

We enjoy the outdoors and indoors, so our vineyard cottage is perfect with all the patio doors, windows, and the protected deck.

Pleasure is not complete if one enjoys it alone. That’s why we decided to share all these experiences with you. On the website ourvineyardcottage.com we will write about what we like to do.

About viticulture, wine production, wine, wine cellar equipment, and wine cellars in general. And of course about gardening. We also want to present our beautiful Slovenia and advise you where we feel competent enough.


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