Mojca and Jože

Married Couple

This is Our Story

In 1985 we married. We had lived in Ljubljana for five years. In 1990 we moved to Novo mesto. Novo mesto is a small city, the capital of the Dolenjska region. We started to build a vineyard cottage in the middle of the vineyards. It was so beautiful that we decided to move into the cottage. Now we are here. A little older but happy. But unfortunately, there wasn’t enough place for us and our wine. “What can we do?”, We have often wondered. The answer was only one. We have to buy another vineyard cottage. Just for wine. Here we are—a couple with two vineyard cottage. But only one is for wine.

So Mojca is my wife but the winemaker also. She is a talented winemaker and always optimistic. She is a vineyard helper, wine barrels washer, website admin, etc. She is a proud and keen gardener. She is cooking in the kitchen. And yes, she is my proud wife. It’s not easy for her.

What about Jože? Oops, that’s me—this one on the right side. I only try to help her.

Do you know that great wine is made in the vineyard? Because of this, I only spray the vines with organic agents. At harvest, we hand-pick the grapes, then process them in our vineyard cottage immediately.

I follow the natural winemaking techniques, so our organically grown grapes have all that wine needs.

Our grapes-only, authentic wines are elegant and expressive, without special additives or preservatives. Except for sulfur, of course. Unfortunately, there is no other way to protect this gentle and fresh wine without sulfur. The traditional wine of this area is CVIČEK. Cviček‘s taste is harmonious and smooth. Refined acid and a low alcohol level convey freshness and drinkability. There are no additives to treatment the wine’s taste or flavor, no fining, no filtering.

Become a master of one of our vineyard homes, located on the edge of wineries with impressive sights on beautiful areas! These areas are the most beautiful places to visit in Europe.
places to visit in Europe

Winery cottages are exclusive, real, and attractive traveler opportunities meant for every person looking for a Slovenian countryside’s genuine offer. Staying in these individual cottages you will be able to take pleasure in peace, mind-relaxation, reading or just give up oneself to nature and also an impressive sight.

Dolenjska is what we call the moderate, undulating landscape with decreased hillsides that prolongs from the eastern end of the Ljubljana marshlands towards the southeast to the Croatian boundary. Well, much the same, considered that the Gorjanci is the natural border between the facility of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina, where the landscape starts altering and continues over to the neighboring country of Croatia. The warmest Slovenian stream, the Kolpa River, which is especially popular in the summertime, attracts a unique line between Slovenia and Croatia.

Get to know the wine where it originated.
Visit the wine cellar by tasting is not just drinking wine, snack, and chat. It is about getting to know the life path of wine, its personality, properties, and purpose for which it was created. At the same time, you also get to know the winemaker and his wishes and ideas. And when you realize that in every bottle of wine are united a tradition, hard work, learning, finding the best conditions for growing vines, and a great deal of commitment and love for wine growing, an entirely new world opens up. And wine becomes more than just a drink.


But O.K. I can’t write everything. You are welcome to visit us – we’ll be happy to meet you and tell you more!


Mojca & Jože, Vineyard Cottage Tomšič

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