Wine lovers who use diets to fight against excess weight have problems with burning fat deposits and pressure and are at their worst around the holidays when all the good food is brought to the table. It’s still easy to give up some caloric snacks but not your favorite glasses of wine! So let’s see if you can drink wine and lose weight.

A glass or two a day is probably good for health, especially if it’s red wine. Resveratrol, with its protective factors for the heart and blood vessels and as a preventive measure for stroke, is already a well-known story. The effects of white wine are much less talked about and known, but it seems to raise the level of healthy cholesterol. And that is why wine should be drunk.

White Wine Has Fewer Calories Than Red Wine

To make it easier for you and possibly open the way to a sip of enjoyment, here is a comparison of which wine is less fattening through a simple calculation system.

Roughly speaking, 30 ml of red wine is worth about 25 calories. That number refers to Cabernet, Merlot, and young Beaujolais-type wine. But you can save several calories if you consume pinot noir! One deciliter and a half of this wine has fewer calories than a can of refreshing carbonated drink, bringing a far more significant benefit!

White wine is slightly more dietary, so Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, or Chablis has approximately 24 calories per 30 ml. But sweet white Sauterne-type wine carries at least four more calories.

In Case You Wish to Drink Wine and Lose Weight, Then the Best Choice Is Sparkling WineIn Case You Wish to Drink Wine and Lose Weight, Then the Best Choice Is Sparkling Wine

And now comes the real thing! With only 20 calories for the same volume of liquid, rosé wine would be a convincing “skinny champion” if it weren’t for the sparkling wine. And it’s no wonder that rosé goes well with many dishes, since by drinking rosé, you can eat much more. But sparkling wine contains only 19 calories! That’s probably why they drink it at weddings, so that the bride keeps her perfect waistline, at least until the guests leave. We’re kidding, but this fact certainly affects the fact that sparkling wine is being drunk more and more worldwide, which is paying more and more attention to global calorie intake.

But if You Wish to Drink Wine and Lose Weight, Then Forget About Sweet Wines

In contrast to this, sweet dessert wines are enhanced as true destroyers of the slim line with 46 calories per 30 ml. But you just have to remember that these calorie bombs are usually packed in small bottles, which also indicates how to drink them. If you don’t manage more than 90 ml in the glass, the result will be almost the same as if you drank a decent glass of red wine. And the diet will be saved…

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