Although winter is slowly approaching, there are still many things to do in the garden in November. In fact, now is the ideal time to prepare the soil for the next growing season. We can transplant fruit trees and protect them from the cold, and it is also necessary to protect the herbs and vegetables that still grow in our garden.

Things to do in the Garden in November

Vegetable GardenAlthough winter is slowly approaching, there are still many things to do in the garden in November.

Lettuce, cornsalad, spinach, Swiss chard, and kale grow outdoors at this time. The latter lasts even until March in favorable conditions in the garden, as it tolerates low temperatures well. Leave late carrots, green, and beetroot in the ground until frost. The winter salad must be covered with a plastic tunnel, and even earlier, it is wise to spray it with a natural protective agent, as mold can appear on it in late autumn. You can also place a plastic or glass container to protect other vegetables in the cold months. Autumn is also the ideal time to set up a greenhouse. Although most of us would be very happy to be able to grow vegetables in our warm beds all winter, these are mainly intended for early spring production. Lettuce can be sown in it already at the end of February. If the temperatures are not too low and the plants have enough light, we can grow cruciferous vegetables, arugula, and radicchio in winter. Otherwise, we must prepare the beds for the next growing season after harvesting the crops.

We have to replace the organic soil substances we harvested with the crop. One of the options is to dig or loosen the beds without turning and sprinkle organic fertilizer on the surface, which works for a long time, and sprinkle a thin layer of soil on top. If the soil is heavy, dig it up in dry weather and mix it with fireplace flour to loosen the soil. If the soil is acidic, add an agent with calcium content. Cress will thrive in containers in the apartment during the winter months.

Ornamental Garden

During this time, you can still plant roses, for which you choose a sunny place. So that the cold will not damage them, ensure the grafted place is 3-4 cm deep. We also have time to plant tulips until the end of the month, or until frost. Cover the bulbs with a thick layer of weathered barnyard manure or peat, and cover perennials and evergreens similarly. Canna and dahlia tubers are dug up only when the first frost freezes the shoots. Low pines, ivy, heather, and pansies can be planted in pots or troughs on the balcony.

Herb Garden

Herbs can be grown all year round if planted in pots and moved according to weather conditions. Sage, thyme, chives, and wormwood can be left outdoors, while rosemary and wormwood can be moved indoors to protect them from the cold.


We still have some work to do in the orchard before winter. We collect and properly store the fruits that are left. We can start by pruning pear and apple trees. At this time, we also have an ideal opportunity to transplant fruit trees. The leaves have already fallen, but the ground has not yet frozen. Before planting, we think about where would be the ideal place for each variety. Young trees must be mechanically protected from certain animals that cause damage. We also protect them from diseases and pests. When about half of the leaves have fallen, the trees can be sprayed with a copper preparation to protect them from fungal diseases. The process is repeated when the trees are left without all their leaves.

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