What do women like to drink? It has happened more than once that a gift is a failure. That the drink does not go with the dress, or more often, with the mood (we know, an eternal riddle). All sorts of horrors happened in cafes, and for the party organizer, there is no greater misery than an undrinkable drink that must be returned.

What Do Women Like to Drink? And What Do Women Want in General? What Do Women Like to Drink? and What Do Women Want in General?

Many sleepless nights were spent because of this issue. It has happened more than once that a gift is a failure. That the drink does not go with the dress, or more often, with the mood (we know, an eternal riddle). All sorts of horrors happened in cafes. For the party organizer, there is no greater misery than an undrinkable drink that must be returned or sober guests, none of whom will post fantastic colorful pictures from going out on their Facebook.

What Do Women Like to Drink? The Only True Answer Is: It All Depends.

There are very sexy drinks. There are pubs where completely different manners apply. There are romantic occasions, formal situations, business parties, and celebrations, and to make the chaos bigger; there are hipster clubs where you can drink anything from any glass or jar. In big cities, there are a million cafes where you spend the day in the afternoon with friends, and it often merges into an entire night out. Such cafes are, first of all, places for socializing, and in addition to coffee and tea, they necessarily contain a lot of types of beer and carbonated drinks. What is a woman’s trump card in places like this? Women have long since learned that it is rude to let a waiter wait and that one should announce a drink for the evening on the first contact with the staff. Everyone’s hair is rising from overdoing “what to order,” so keep these things in mind if you are planning a party to which girls and women will be invited. They already know a lot about what they need. Let’s go in order.

Is Cider That What Do Women Like to Drink?

At least one to two brands are always represented. Whether it’s a British cider that looks more like a beer with apples (Strongbow) or that cider that we’re more used to and that is sweeter, at least one cider can always be ordered in your favorite cafe. Unlike beer, cider has a higher percentage of alcohol – 4 to 5% – and by its nature, does not interfere with the nature of the place: it will not bother families with children in the cafe garden or people of different tastes and ages who are there. Cider is a relatively safe and tasty drink.


In the past, wines in local cafes were obtained in stupid glasses and only 125 milliliters. Now, a much bigger preference is given to glasses with a larger volume, 175 ml for white wine and up to as much as 250 ml for red and red wine. Some cafes consciously go beyond the original concepts of local places to go out and get closer to wineries, offering an excellent selection of quality wines by the glass. Among them, you can find really sensual wines with fruit flavors.

Strong Drinks

Whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, and cognac are the basic settings of every cafe that sticks to itself. It is often accompanied by brandy and brandy. Brandy per se deserves quite a study, with one caveat – the ladies who drink it, in general, know very well which brandy they want. Most often, it is not any “vine” and “plum brandy”, but honey, walnut, cherry, and other exotic brandies. Unlike brandy, cocktails, and mixtures can be made with other strong drinks. Gin – a tonic is also popular for its simple preparation – a tonic, some crushed ice, and a little lemon are added to one shot of gin.

What Do Women Like to Drink Daily?

Coffee, tea, juice, lemonade, mineral water. There are no mysterious aspects here, and it is generally known that good coffee has absolutely no price and must be found in every place visited by women.

Special Occasions

You guessed it – a romantic date. By far, the easiest thing to organize the work of cafes and restaurants. Because – it’s almost sure that you’ll fail, you need to relax in time and plan a few surprises up your sleeve for those moments when it happens that a beloved woman can’t get precisely the weird little-known fancy cocktail she wants (the standard ones are probably all in the pub). In front of you is a proposal for knocking down – style 🙂

Kir Royal

The famous French cocktail is a variation of the Kir cocktail, except that instead of white wine in the Royal version, champagne is used, i.e., sparkling wine. It is very often served as an aperitif before meals.
The recipe is simple: you need one smaller bottle of currant liqueur (crème de cassis) or another berry; raspberry is a very good substitute (one bottle of liqueur goes for 10 to 30 people). Two bottles of chilled champagne or other sparkling wine for 10 drinks, 4 bottles for 20 drinks, and 6 bottles for 30 drinks. Suppose you can put candied cherries in each glass. Cheers!

This drink is one of the first mixed drinks in the world, dating from 1841. It was named after the mayor of the city of Dijon in France, Felix Cyrus, who introduced the custom of presenting business projects for large visiting delegations. After spreading the popularity of liqueurs from the region of Burgundy, the mayor accepted that the liqueur that is added to champagne be branded after him – Kir. In addition to the variant with currant liqueur, you can also try blueberry liqueur and even apricot liqueur. Enjoy! And no, don’t go for the fruit syrup mixed with champagne!

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