All wine lovers are eagerly awaiting the first assessments of the new crop, and they all look at the barrels of wines of previous years that will come to the market this year. There are also a lot of conversations about young wines, mainly about the French Beaujolais Wine for some wine lovers, the only right young wine. Not every young wine is French Beaujolais Wine. French Beaujolais wine is fruity, fresh, and drinkable, so it satisfies a lot of people. But why is French Beaujolais wine something special?French Beaujolais Wine

Why is French Beaujolais Wine Something Special?

Beaujolais is a province in southern Burgundy, France, where grape varieties of Gamay grow very well on the granite soils. The French precisely prescribed the production process for Beaujolais, and in a few years, they had created a real specialty from that wine. Wine lovers are waiting for new wine annoyingly every year around the world. Grapes are processed by a special process of partial or complete carbon maceration. They place whole grapes in large containers, which can measure up to 30,000 liters, and the weight of the grapes makes the grape berries in the lower part of the container crush out. The fermentation begins where CO2 has filled the container. This is called partial carbon maceration. However, if they add CO2 into the container, they create the conditions for complete carbon maceration, which is faster and enables the creation of various Beaujolais styles. This accelerates the secretion of aromatic substances from strawberry to juice, but not tannin.

Carbon Maceration

The process of carbon maceration in the atmosphere of CO2 takes about four days, resulting in the fruit flavors of the wine (especially the sweet root, bananas, cinnamon, and the like). French Beaujolais wine is fruity, fresh, and drinkable, so it satisfies a lot of people. Drinking it as quickly as possible, or up to a year, is recommended, but there are some exceptions. One such is Beaujolais Villages, which can withstand even longer.

Attractiveness On the 3rd of November, on Thursday Afternoon

The French Beaujolais wines would probably never achieve such fame and recognition in the media if the French would not accept the rules that French Beaujolais wines could be served and sold only from the 3rd Thursday in November after midnight. This was an excellent marketing move, which made the wine a real star. Wine is delivered to shops and restaurants all over the world, and people are eagerly waiting for the twelfth hour when they can try the first glass of the young wine of the newest year. Inserting the pipes into the Beaujolais barrels often turns into big events, where local celebrities, educators, and other social event collectors are gathered.

Slovenian Young Wines

A few years ago, Slovenes were also happy to join the worldwide phenomenon of waiting for the young Beaujolais wine, accompanied by social events, culinary evenings, and tastings. Of course, we do not have to wait for a young wine from France because we have enough of this type of wine in our cellars. World wine connoisseurs have already highlighted several young Slovenian wines, which are pretty excellent. For example, near Metlika is a well-known young wine from the “Blauer Portugieser” grape. In the Vipava and Brda wine-growing areas, youthful cabernet sauvignon and merlot are ready for degustation in late autumn.

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