A healthy body and happy life in nature. Nature heals, soothes, and connects. Every moment we are outside affects our mood and our body.

The average person spends at least 10 hours a day in front of the screen. This includes watching TV, working on the computer, playing video games, and browsing the web on your smartphone. This addiction can become so strong that the individual even stops going out. Experts point out that spending time in nature is very important, as it affects not only the mental state and health but also the physical.

People who live near green areas and spend a lot of time in nature are said to have fewer health problems and live longer, and nature helps them cope with life’s hardships, they say. Research has shown that spending time in front of a screen is associated with fatigue, depression and anxiety, ADHD in children, and poor concentration. Japanese researchers, however, discovered that lung, uterus, prostate, colon, and uterine cancer incidence was much lower in people who lived near the forest.

How Nature Provides a Healthy Body and Happy LifeNature Provides a Healthy Body and Happy Life

  • We strengthen the immune system in nature.
  • Let’s take care of a dose of vitamin D (due to a deficiency, bone mass decreases, exhaustion occurs, and problems with blood sugar and joint pain…).
  • Research published in the publication Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin showed that if we are surrounded by nature, we are more caring and loving.
  • The sounds of nature also affect our well-being. This soothes, has a positive effect on the heart, and puts hormones in order, says Prof. Josh Smyth of Penn State University. He suggests spending 20 minutes a day outside.
  • When we spend time alone in nature, we improve creativity and mental health.
  • It is good to go out into nature even when we are faced with a problem that we cannot solve in any way.
  • Nature is said to have a positive effect on motivation as well.
  • Numerous studies have shown that it prevents myopia, especially in children (due to spending time in front of the screen).
  • And after a long walk in the fresh air, we will certainly have no problems sleeping.
  • Of course, this aspect of walking is not overlooked: regular exercise outside will ensure good form and burn quite a few extra calories.

That’s why you go to nature daily for a dose of well-being. As Prof. Josh Smyth, 20 minutes a day is enough.

With just a 20-minute walk, you will:

  • Take care of a good mood,
  • more energy
  • less likely to develop heart disease and diabetes,
  • extended life and
  • strengthen memory.

Can a Garden Provide a Healthy Body and Happy Life?A Healthy Body and Happy Life in Nature

Until recently, the man was a part of nature through his activities. The area of his activity was familiar to him. He used it with innate feelings and slowly changed it. As a part of nature, he breathed with her. He was aware that he depended on her for life. However, with technological development, man has increasingly distanced himself from nature. We have become superior to nature. We often use nature as a tool to achieve our goals. Everything has to be at hand; thus, we have lost that authentic connection with nature. We are looking for this in the garden: relaxation, lightness, and peace. A garden is a living organism and is constantly changing. The joy when a new life is born before our eyes in the spring is just a glimpse of the beautiful moments in our garden.

We all know beautiful and large gardens where the house is only a small part of the whole arrangement. Our feeling is the one that should initially guide us in arranging the garden. With the increasing lack of open space in cities, you can arrange your outdoor living space on the roof or terrace. Such arrangements can be exciting and intense, as they represent extensions of our residence’s living part. Due to various restrictions, we often have to plant in troughs and pots.
Lastly, a pot with bells on the windowsill can also conjure a smile and joy. If there is a complete lack of space, we can arrange a green wall in the living room or outside. The arrangement can be quite simple, with a few planted pots, or technologically demanding, with a real living carpet of plants.

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