Growing spinach from seed will not be difficult, even for beginners. You will only need dry seeds, a piece of soil, and goodwill.

Spinach is one of the most practical and healthiest vegetables to grow in your vegetable garden. It grows throughout the year, even when there are no other green vegetables. Its dark green leaves are rich in vitamins and iron and are excellent in salads and cooked.

Some varieties can be planted in the garden in autumn to be ready for harvest in spring. Winter cultivars need a sunny position, while summer varieties benefit from a bit of shade.

Soil Preparation for Growing Spinach From SeedGrowing spinach from seed

Moist soil rich in nitrogen is most suitable for growing spinach. About a week before sowing, add at least 2-4 centimeters of compost to the soil. You can also prepare the soil for sowing already in autumn so that you can sow outdoors as soon as the frosts stop.

When to Sow Spinach

Spring sowing can begin as soon as the amount of moisture in the soil allows digging the soil. In coastal areas, spinach cultivation can start already at the end of January or during February, while in continental areas, you have to wait until the end of February or even mid-March.

It is essential to sow as early as possible so that the spinach receives the necessary six weeks of cool weather from sowing to harvest.

If you decide to sow spinach in autumn, sow it just before the arrival of cold weather. Protect the young plants during the winter with agro textile or thick mulch, and uncover them as soon as the frosts stop.

During early spring, sow consecutively every two weeks until May to always have a new supply of spinach. It is recommended to stop sowing when the soil temperature reaches 21°C.

How to Sow Spinach

Spinach seeds do not store well, so buy fresh seeds every year. It is available in every agriculture, garden, and shopping center.

Spinach does not like transplanting because it has shallow roots that are easily damaged when transplanting. For this reason, it is best to sow it directly outdoors. Sow it in beds or rows half a centimeter deep and at a distance of 2 centimeters from seed to seed.

The seeds will germinate in five to nine days if the weather is not extremely cold. Spinach does well in cool fall conditions but has difficulty germinating in hot late summer conditions. Therefore, sow it thickly in the summer because heat reduces germination by about 50%. If it sprouts too thick, you can always thin it out.

Water the beds often – even twice a day – because watering helps to cool the soil.

Good luck growing spinach!

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