My friends call me the grape master because I’ve been growing grapes and making wine for many years. I’d like to share those experiences with you in this blog. And this blog is about how to build a trellis for vines.  I’m going to cover the following material briefly.  I’m going to show you why you need a trellis system for your grapes. One of the important components to have success with mechanization in the vineyard is having a well-structured trellis system.  I’m going to show you the different types of the trellis. I’m going to show you why you need a trellis system before you plant your first vine. How To Build a Trellis For Vines

How To Build a Trellis For Vines-High Versus Low

When you think about how to construct your trellises decide if you need a high trellis or low trellis systems for your vineyard. And what they can be constructed from. You definitely need great trellises if you wish to grow your own grapes for winemaking. An interwoven construction is required for supporting the grape vines.  Beyond just supporting the vines trellises allow aspiring winemakers to grow their own grapes in a small space like their backyards.

Trellis System For the Oldest Vine

In the middle of the ancient city center on Lent, the oldest vine plant in the earth still grows in front of the Old Vine House. The approved age of this “Žametovka” or “Modra Kavčina” vine is above 400 years, which got it a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest noble vine in the world still bearing grapes. The Old Vine is a proof for the rich wine history of Maribor, Styria, and all of Slovenia.  But for this blog is even more important that this vine alone still provides a significant amount of unique wine. Just one vine in one trellis construction. Someone had for sure an excellent idea how to construct this trellises for such a huge vine.

Decorative or Functional

Even if you have acres of ground, you need trellises for your vines because the vines can’t bear fruit on the ground. A grape trellis can come in any form or material possible. You can choose between either a decorative or a functional trellis. A decorative trellis is ideal for smaller backyard vineyards. Apparently, this type of structure would be made in such a way that it can adorn your mini vineyard. But for more extensive vineyards that are built for the sole purpose of producing grapes for winemaking, functional trellises are better as no one working in the vineyard will care if your vines are shaped like dolphins or dinosaurs.  Whatever your choice for trellises will be, remember, that you can either assemble them yourself or buy them from someone making supply store. If you have a large vineyard, it would be wise to have the trellises constructed for you.

Construct Your Trellises Before You Plant

Trellises can be made from iron, aluminum, PVC pipe, wood and even stainless steel. Construct your trellises before you plant your first grape plants. The ideal layout for your vineyard is an 8 by 8 area for each one of your vines. There are two basic trellis heights. High trellises are best for warm climates, and low trellises will protect your vines during harsh snowy months. It is best to cement the posts of your trellises to make sure that they don’t collapse under the weight of your grape crop. After setting up the grape trellis, all you need to do is wait for the vine to sprout. As it grows, you’ll see some shoots growing out of the stem. Choose the strongest among all the shoots and attach it to the trellis using strings or a piece of cloth. So now you have your vines planted. Train to trellises and properly prune.

Last Step

The next step is to sit back enjoy a glass of wine and watch nature take its course and produce a bumper crop for your grape and winemaking pleasure.

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