A mole is a friendly-looking animal that lives underground. However, if it appears in our garden, we wish to find out how to get rid of moles in the garden. Otherwise, hairy black moles evoke pleasant feelings when they peek out of the ground and are especially loved by children. The cartoons, where the mole is a kind and cute character, undoubtedly contribute to his likability.

The Mole Is Helpful, But…A mole is a friendly-looking animal that lives underground. However, if it appears in our garden, we wish to find out how to get rid of moles in the garden.

The mole is somewhat helpful in the garden, although no one is too happy when it takes up residence. A sign that he has settled is a molehill on the lawn, flower beds, vegetable garden, paths, etc. Moles disturb the garden’s appearance, hinder mowing, and are a nuisance because it means that the terrain will settle a little sooner or later, and a dent will appear in the ground.

Moles dig the earth looking for different animals to feed on. They eat a lot of earthworms, which is not the best for garden soil. The problem also arises because they make trenches in the beds, and the roots of the plant above the trenches are in the air. This can lead to their downfall. Voles can settle in molehills.

Most of the time, moles cause us to stress, and that is why we want to drive them out of the garden. There are many methods, but their success rate is relatively low.

Below Are Some Ways How to Get Rid of Moles in the Garden

The Mole Is Sensitive to Sound

Various sonic mole (and vole) repellents can be purchased in stores, which work on the principle of high-pitched tones that are supposed to disturb the mole. We install the disruptor in the garden by the manufacturer’s instructions. Another option is to bury bottles in the ground near the mole burrows (preferably next to the molehill) so that the neck of the bottle is a few centimeters above the ground. Because of the wind, the bottles will annoy the mole and are supposed to drive it out of the garden. A similar effect should be achieved if we place aluminum drink cans on metal sticks in the garden, which are treated on the side, so they have blades where the wind will be caught. They will spin in the wind and make an unpleasant sound to the mole.

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We Can Take Advantage of the Mole’s Sensitivity to Smell

The mole is sensitive to smells. We can buy smoke cartridges in the store, which we light in the tunnel. The smoke will spread through the tunnels and drive away the mole. Usually, the effect lasts for a few days, and then the mole returns unless a new smoke cartridge is used every few days. You can also place a fish from the can in the tunnel. Its smell is also said to repel moles.

The use of castor oil also works. We dig up individual moles to get to the mole burrow. Pour a few tablespoons of castor oil into it. The smell will be unpleasant to the mole, so that it will avoid these burrows.

The mole does not like the smell of elderberry. We can put several peeled elder sticks, leaves, and bark in the tunnel, and the mole will move away.

You Can Also Get Rid of Moles in the Garden With the Help of a Ditch

A vegetable garden or ornamental beds can be effectively protected from moles by digging a 20 to 30-cm wide and 60 to 70-cm-deep trench around the area where we do not want to have a mole, into which we sprinkle gravel (not sand), and fill the surface with soil. The mole will not be able to burrow through the gravel. Instead of a trench, we can lay a metal mesh.

Or by Traps

We can catch the mole. We can use special traps that we buy and install in the tunnel. When the mole goes through the tunnel, it will fall into a trap that will kill it. A more humane way is to dig up the molehill to get to the tunnel. Place a large glass container below the level of the tunnel and cover the molehill with a board. This prevents access to light. We check every day whether the mole has been caught in the trap. When it is caught, we release it as soon as possible somewhere in nature in a shady area. The best choice is a meadow.

Your Cat Can Also Help You to Get Rid of Moles in the Garden

Cats hunt moles. A domestic cat can be very successful. To help her, we unearth the molehill. The cat will wait for the mole until it comes to plug the hole.

Or You Can Leave Them in Your Garden

But we can decide to have a mole in the garden. It is part of nature, and mole should be welcome in any natural garden. We adapt to the molehills and accept them in the image of the garden.

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