I’m going to explain to you about kind of funny topic, and that is how to prevent a hangover. I’m not the number one drinker in the world at all, but you know, you never know when the advice comes in handy. These are just my little tips for you, and these are not by any means professional tips or tricks. If you want a straight answer, the answer to not getting a hangover is not drinking at all. At least not too much. But if it was your birthday or maybe like a family get-together and you were having a little bit too much fun, these are just the things that I found that will help not make you feel like total crap the next day.How to Prevent a Hangover

Some of My Findings On How to Prevent a Hangover

So first, I’ll talk about how to prevent a hangover. The main mistake that you can make is not doing these things.

Tip Number One on How to Prevent a Hangover:

While you are drinking, make sure to eat food, and I don’t mean snacks. If you eat chips and cookies and candy or just pure junk food, you’re going to feel way worse the next day. If there’s nothing else available, then order takeout or order a pizza. In most places, you can find something that’s delivering 24 hours. But what you need to get into your system is food.

Tip Number Two on How to Prevent a Hangover:

Another thing that you always want to remember is to stay hydrated. Alcohol is just dehydrating your body, so if you have one drink, have one glass of water. Now for some of you party people, you might be thinking like, oh well, if I keep drinking water that, I’m not going to get as buzzed; it’s going to be in your system either way. You just want to hydrate your body. If you start feeling like you drink a little bit too much, just drink a lot of water. It should help to dilute that in your system. Don’t ever forget those two things you need to eat a real meal, and you need to drink a lot of water. Because you know it is terrible the next day for any of you who may have gone out with friends and not had food or water available. So it’s not wrong to know how to prevent a hangover.

Tip Number Three on How to Prevent a Hangover:

Another little tip that I have for you is just to know your limit. Take it slow. I know that sometimes it’s hard with peer pressure or  friends or family against you, like, “Oh, just take another.” You know, if you know you can only handle about three drinks, and then you’re good, and you’re not going to like being sick, or you’re not going to make a fool of yourself, then I would suggest stopping there. For example, if you’re petite and a young girl, you want to keep your drinks to a minimum because it’s straightforward to overdo them. The faster that you drink, later on, it’s going to hit you way harder, and you’re going to be like, “Whoa,” that came out of nowhere. So if you take it slow, you will gradually feel the alcohol taking effect. In this case, you probably even don’t need to know how to prevent a hangover.

But If You Overdid

Now, if you overdid it and you didn’t drink enough water, and you didn’t eat, then you are probably in trouble, and you need to know how to prevent a hangover. Perhaps you need to treat the actual hangover that you already have. In this case, I would suggest waking up pretty early and drinking a lot of water.

No Sugar

Another warning I have for you is to stay away from sugar altogether. Sugar will make you feel so bad that it is not worth trying. If you’re already dehydrated, the sugar is just going to be worse for you. So try to stay away from things like that. But some chicken broth and things that are easy on your body are going to be good.

Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Minerals

And then one of the last things that I found out is Emergen-C. I’m sure that other brands sell similar products like this. But find something that has antioxidants and electrolytes. You need to get those electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. It is going to be so good for you and make you feel so much better. When you wake up feeling crappy, your body tells you that it needs everything good it can get to go up. You have like a depletion in your body.

You mix this with water, so you’re going to get some of your hydration back and also your critical nutrients. So you should feel a lot better after taking something like this. I always keep these in my house because I don’t like to get sick. And probably this is the most reliable way how to prevent a hangover.

Old Good Pickles

Recently I found something perfect for hanging over. If you don’t have any Emergen-C around, maybe, you have a significant other. Perhaps you can call your mom or something, and she can bring some pickles to you. Probably strange, but it works well for me. If you’re feeling hungover in the morning, then eat pickles. It will usually make you feel a little better. I found out it’s because they have a lot of minerals in them. Saltiness is probably good for your electrolytes.

So you just want to keep hydrated and keep your electrolytes up. Those are just some things that I found really work. And the important thing. My biggest suggestion is to take care of your body and drink as little as possible. This answer could be the best answer to the question of how to prevent a hangover. I mean, it happens from time to time but tries not to do it super frequently because this is not good for your body.

Supposedly yoga can help too.

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