Beautiful and healthy seedlings grow when sowing and pricking are done successfully. Let’s look at how to prick out seedlings after successful dense sowing. Dense sowing and pricking are, in my opinion, the main “culprits” for successful seedling growth. I use this procedure to grow seedlings in 99% of plants. Let’s take a look at what the process looks like, what to pay attention to, and how to tackle it all together.

But first, some basics…


Sowing: sowing seeds

Pricking: transplanting saplings into individual sections or pots

Transplanting: transplanting seedlings into larger pots or to the garden

Let’s go step by step…

SowingKnowing how to prick out seedlings is a critical task for gardeners.

We choose a container. These are various low pots, bathtubs, etc. A depth of 5 cm is quite enough. Make drainage holes in the pot!

IMPORTANT! I sow different varieties/types of vegetables in different individual containers!
Pour the substrate into a container, press it down well, and water it abundantly. Sow seeds thickly on the surface of the moistened substrate.


After three days, we can expect the first signs of germination at a suitable temperature (21-25°). If the containers are somewhere warm without direct sunlight, we have to monitor them regularly, even twice a day!

Why is it necessary to monitor?

As soon as the plants emerge (barely visible saplings appear), please place them in direct sunlight. Many people think that the direct sun harms young plants and hides them from the sun. This is a mistake. At this point, the saplings need as much sun as possible!

Initial Growth Is Critical

Plants need as much sun as possible from the first day of emergence. Direct sun is essential for excellent and quality plant growth! They will stretch and become weak if we don’t provide them with the sun.

In my case, the task of the sun in early spring is performed by the lamps since the room is not sufficiently lit. There is no problem with this in the summer.

Under the right conditions, the young ones stay strong and are quickly ready to prick.

How to Prick Out Seedlings

  • We prick as soon as the first two leaflets are placed horizontally and become stronger.
  • The substrate in the plate is well-filled and pressed several times before pecking.
  • Wet the substrate well before pricking.
  • Make a hole with a stick or pencil.
  • We can lift a whole group of plants with a stick.
  • The group is gently broken up, and the plants are pricked individually on the plate.
  • Always hold the plants by the leaf, never by the stem or roots!
  • We prick the plants deep, all the way to the leaves!
  • The substrate is gently pressed so that the pricked plant is well anchored.


I hope I have helped you with the above note. If you like the article, please pass it on to your gardening friends and acquaintances.

Be beautiful, and let it grow!

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