Regular visits and spending time in the garden positively affect the individual, so we can use gardening for stress relief and improving well-being. The garden, therefore, benefits an individual, whether a small garden on the balcony or a large garden with different areas.

Studies Have Shown the Benefits of Gardening for Stress Relief

Numerous studies have shown the beneficial effects of gardens and amateur gardening. A walk through the garden, or just staying in the garden, reduces stress, fills us with energy, and inspires us with ideas. Working in the garden can also be a form of recreation for the body and brain. All this improves mental health and affects mood.

Gardening for Stress Relief, Regardless of the Size of the Garden

People who have their own gardens are more physically active. This also applies to those who only have an atrium or balcony. Greater activity is associated with better physical and psychological well-being, and the likelihood of the occurrence of certain diseases, such as cancer and depression, also decreases. Of course, this does not mean that it only works in the form of everyday gardening. Activities in the garden can be related to fun, socializing, learning, as well as sports.

Gardening Is Beneficial for Physical as Well as Mental Health

If, on the one hand, there are physical activities that benefit us, the garden also allows us to relax. Relaxing sitting in the garden benefits mental health. Looking at plants is relaxing and effortless. A corner where we are surrounded by plants and hidden from the views of others is the most suitable for such relaxation. A deckchair, bench, or chair will suffice, but you can spread a blanket on the lawn, lie on it, and watch the clouds in the sky. Or we read a book, think, make plans for the future…

You Can Retreat to the Garden if Too Many People Surround You

If people surround us too much, we can retreat to the garden in solitude. Maybe even for a few moments when we need a little rest from other family members. If we work from home, the garden is a great place to relax for a few minutes.

On the Other Hand, the Garden Is a Great Place to Hang Out

The garden is a great place to socialize with others. A garden party, a picnic at the barbecue, or an evening conversation with a loved one in the light of candles will undoubtedly brighten our day and positively affect our well-being. Even in winter, the garden can be used for socializing. Of course, we need to dress up a bit more.

A Natural Garden Is the Best Place to Use Gardening for Stress Relief

Mental health is best affected by gardens that are as natural as possible. These are gardens where birds, insects, and various plants find their place. Natural materials such as stone, sand, and wood are used for benches, paths, and other garden elements. The primary role is played by trees, flowers, bushes and lawns, and possibly various water motifs.

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