First Interesting Fact About SloveniaFact About Slovenia

Slovenia is known for a lot of things, and one of them is their vastness of caves. This is the first interesting fact about Slovenia. There are a lot of caves beneath the ground of Slovenia over 10,000 of them, and every year they find another hundred and the largest one is longer than 20,000 meters which is 67 thousand feet. Postojna cave, in particular, is also home to a tiny little creature called human fish. That animal can go up to ten years without any food, and its body is completely adapted to darkness and can live up to hundred years.


As well the coast of Slovenia is beautiful but is very very very small. It only expands up to 43 kilometers which is 26 miles, and the coast surrounds the Adriatic Sea. The Adriatic Sea then goes into the Mediterranean Sea. And the Mediterranean Sea goes into the Atlantic Ocean. So when you’re at the seaside in Slovenia, you’re bathing in the sea, not in the ocean. That’s why it’s much calmer than in California.


The shape of Slovenia on a map is in shape of a chicken. There are more than 21,000 hectares of vineyards in Slovenia or fifty-three thousand acres. We produce up to 52 different types of wine and approximately each Slovenian drinks about 40 liters of wine per year.


A lot of pairs decide to get married at Bled in the church, and that church is actually on a tiny island on Lake Bled or “Blejsko jezero,” and it has a lot of stairs, and usually, the groom has to carry up the bride up the stairs up to 90 stairs.


Ever heard of Planica? Well, it’s the biggest jumping hill in the world Planica is known as the mother of all jumping hill. About 58% of


Slovenia is covered by forest. That’s why it’s in a third place after Sweden and Finland in the general forest coverage of the country. There are above 1 million hectares of forest in Slovenia which is 2,5 million acres.


A lot of movies were filmed in Slovenia because of its vast landscape and beautiful nature. One of them was Narnia the other ones are Death train, Armor of God, Captain America and many more.

Eighth Eighth Interesting Fact About Slovenia

If you happen to be in Ljubljana and you’re looking for a place to rest I recommend hostel Celica which was a prison in 1880 and served as a prison for hundred years. Hostel Celica is also a part of Metelkova which happens to be a cultural center of arts and crafts. It’s a center of so many different things you have multiple Graffiti over there concerts that are very affordable for students. You have a lot of handmade stuff a lot of old-schools, good traditional art and it was, and it keeps going back and forth from being very popular to not to be so popular, But if you want to experience how it is staying in prison, you should go to hostel Celica.


Slovenia is a baby country. It is only 26 years old. Despite the popular belief, it is a part of Central Europe and not Eastern Europe as many people think. Also, it was never part of Soviet Union. It was part of Yugoslavia which are two different things, and I just want to hear that out.


It is likewise home to the smallest mammal on this planet that weighs only 2 grams, and it’s called Etruscan shrew.


We have an excellent swimmer in Slovenia. It goes by the name of Martin Strel. He’s the first person that swam from Africa to Europe. He’s the first person to swim the entire Mississippi, and he is the first person to swim the whole Donava.


Slovenians are also very good in sports in general and also at Olympics. The first time they participated was in 1992, and so far we have brought home seven gold medals 12 silver ones, and 19 bronze ones and general Slovenia is also very good in handball judo and martial arts in general and skiing particular skiing.


The oldest vine that God placed in Guinness Book of Records is indeed from Slovenia.


It is the 45th smallest country on this planet. The size of it is two and a half’s of New York City’s three Tokyo’s and for Chicago’s and so on and so on.


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