Outdoor garden lighting in your garden and along the driveways can serve several purposes and extend your garden’s use time in warm summer and autumn evenings. With a well-planned light staging, the garden can look completely different at night than it does during the day.

Outdoor Garden Lighting Improves Many ThingsOutdoor Garden Lighting Improves Many Things

Even the view from the house to the well-lit garden can create a charming living atmosphere. The joy of gardening increases immeasurably. And since the garden is definitely an extension of the home, you can create the right atmosphere in the house with a few lights. Just imagine a snowy garden in the light and thick snowflakes falling almost silently on the last autumn flowers.

In addition to aesthetics, the important task of outdoor lighting is also safety. On the one hand, the surroundings of your house must be safe for you; this means that the paths, stairs, and the pond must be visible… on the other hand, the lighting of the surroundings of the house is, to a large extent, a protection against burglars.

The Best Is a Combination of Different Lights

Diffused light is suitable for lighting large areas but not ideal for lighting plants and garden equipment. To illuminate and highlight plants and equipment, we prefer to use spotlights, as they conjure up a better atmosphere and give good opportunities for creation… In addition, spotlights pollute the environment less than diffused light. The best is a combination of both, where the rule of 3 plans must be observed: front: the least illuminated, intermediate: differently illuminated – objects or plants that you want to emphasize. Last: most or least lit – depending on your goal. Each plan is illuminated differently depending on the intensity. This is how the depth of space and mysticism is achieved.

Here Are a Few Basic Guidelines Before You Start Buying Lights for Outdoor Garden Lighting

  • First of all, you should pay attention to the label of the type of light. This tells you if the light is even suitable for outdoor use. The first digit of the two-digit number tells you the resistance to solids and the second to liquids. The number should be at least 43!
  • The cables must be located at such a depth that they are protected from damage during garden work and the cold. It is recommended to install them at a depth of 80 cm somewhere where you can find them later, for example, under a garden path.
  • An over-lit garden looks boring. Sometimes less really means more! This will make your garden look more mystical.
  • You should be aware that not every plant looks very attractive in night lighting either.
  • Avoid colored lights – not only do they look vulgar, but they give leaves and other things an unhealthy color tone. Only blue and white lights are recommended.

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