A tape Tool For Binding Plant Vines is suitable for tying shoots in fruit growing, viticulture, and horticulture. Don’t delay, and treat yourself to it. The tying pliers enable precise cutting of the ribbon, and using only one hand for tying saves us a lot of time and effort. In fruit growing, viticulture, and even in the garden, every year, we encounter the task of tying young plants to a support, tying vine shoots to a wire, or, for example, tying tomatoes in the garden.

Tie Straps Alone Are Suitable Only for Tying a Small Number of Plants

Usually, we help ourselves with tying straps that we make ourselves from fabric or paper ties already ready for use in bundles of 1000 pieces or with a soft PVC ball that we buy in a box, and you must cut to the correct length before use.

Tying tomatoes or vine shoots can be very time-consuming, especially for large areas. If we have many plants that need to be connected, it makes sense to buy a tool that makes our work easier and shorter.

One such tool is the Tape Tool for Binding Plant Vines. Pliers allow us to reduce time and effort when connecting vines to the wire in the vineyard and plants in the garden or orchard. The tape clip is easy to use.

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Tape Tool for Binding Plant Vines

Feature of Tape Tool for Binding Plant Vines:

  • Made of plastic & metal
  • Delivers stapled ties instantly
  • Binds 2-3 times more vines than workers
  • It gives a secure connection
  • Suitable for vines, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

What you’ll get with Tape Tool for Binding Plant Vines:

Makes trellising tomatoes and cucumbers a breeze: Trellising by attaching threads or electric tape is tedious. This machine saves you time by binding 2-3 times more vines than manual workers. You have to feed in the tape and stapler pins, pinch the support and the plant together, and voila, you are done. It is exceedingly beneficial for farmers who own large areas of crops.

A secure connection guaranteed: The problem with tape joints is that it takes more time and may lose stickiness over time. Joints involving threads often become loose due to wind currents. However, joints obtained from this plant staple gun are secure, tight, and durable – all at the same time.

Money-saving solution: This tool does work equivalent to 2-3 laborers, which means you will save cost on their salaries.

Easy-to-operate tool: The working is relatively easy. There are no complex buttons, screens, or algorithms to work. You have to see the instructions one time to understand it.

Consistent operation: Unlike elementary vine tape tools, this one gets the tape in the latch and the staple pin in position correctly each time—no need to get frustrated now.

Package includes 1 x vine tape tool, 6 x 1/2-inch binding tape, and one pack of stapler pins.

*The tape tool for vines works with ½ inch tape.

A Tape Tool for Binding Plant Vines Is Suitable for All Types of Plants

The most efficient way to tie vines, fruit trees, and vegetables are definitely with special pliers. The tying machine is suitable for all types of plants, as the tape is flat and very soft and does not damage the plant, but at the same time, it is firm enough to give way.

Binding pliers enable precise cutting of the tape, which the machine connects to the clip when we press the pliers. In contrast to semi-automatic pliers, you can use only one hand for tying, so with the other hand, you can use it to place the plant in the desired position. The device for lashing vine shoots saves us a lot of time. Tying tomatoes and other plants will be 3 to 5 times faster with this machine than with conventional methods.