After nearly two weeks of studying, I found that the EdgeStar 34 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is the best wine cooler. The Edgestar not only chilled bottles the quickest but also kept them at the temperature most consistently. Although one of our pricier options, the extra investment proved to be beneficial for both red and white wine drinkers.

Here is our top-six list of the Best Wine Coolers:
#1 Edgestar – 34 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler
#2 Frigidaire – 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler
#3 Haier – 16 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler
#4 NewAir – 33 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler
#5 Frigidaire – 8 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler
#6 Insignia – 16 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler

The best wine cooler

How do you determine which is the best wine cooler?

The type of cooler:
Freestanding wine coolers dominate the market since they’re the most versatile. Built-in units take a lot more work but are useful for those who want their coolers to blend seamlessly with their cabinetry. And finally, there are freestanding countertop units, which are nice and compact. For this review, I concentrated on freestanding and countertop units to cover the best variety of wine coolers.

Another important feature regarding to the best wine cooler

Cooling technology: 
Compression wine coolers use traditional refrigerant and compressors to keep the cooler chilled and can handle a wide range of temperature fluctuation. Thermoelectric wine coolers are more energy efficient but must be kept in relatively temperature-stable rooms.

How many cooling zones do you need? 
Dual zone units are best if you drink both red and white wines since these fridges have isolated compartments for two different temperatures.
If you only drink one type of wine, a single zone unit will suffice. I studied both styles for this review. So, what are our findings?

I started with out of the box assembly and noted convenience to set-up. Most the best wine coolers come in ready to plug-in and go.

Cool Down: 
How long it took for the coolers to stabilize its internal temperature upon plug-in.

I analyzed the time it took for each cooler to chill red, white, and sparkling wines from room temperature.

Accuracy and Consistency: 
I checked the accuracy of the temperature readings on every control panel and noted variables like specific effects on temperatures such as opening and closing doors. Before going to our top-picks, you can check out links in the description below for more detail on each wine cooler.

EdgeStar 34 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is the best wine cooler.

This compression model is the largest, the heaviest and the most expensive unit that I studied, but I found that there was way more to love because of it. After the Edgestar was plugged in for 24 hours, it only took 30 minutes for red wine to get to the proper storing temperature and about one hour for whites at the colder setting. This was about half the time it took for all of the other units I studied. The dual temperature displays are easy to adjust and read, and there’s a blue light in both zones to make reading bottles easier, and structurally the Edgestar includes a three-inch separator between the zones to maintain proper temps in each zone. This separator was three times the size of our other finalists. Other things that stood out about the Edgestar unit was its sleek design and shelving. A unique design on the shelves lets you place bottles forward and backward to optimize the space, and the top shelf had plenty of room for larger bottles of wine. A small downside was the up or down indicators on the temperature controls. You only push the “top display” or “bottom display” switch until you reach the end of the temperature scale for it to start over, which I didn’t find very user-friendly. Also, there is some assembly required as the handle needs to be screwed in.

Frigidaire 18 Bottle Wine Cooler.

This unit has a solid insulated door with glass that only displays your red wine options. This is very significant to determined the best wine cooler also. The bottom is closed off to protect your white wines from any UV rays or warmer temperatures. After plugging in, the Frigidaire only needs one hour to cool down to storage temperature in both zones — beating out the Edgestar significantly.
Again, using bottles that were at a room temperature of 70 degrees, the Frigidaire chilled red wines to storage temp in an impressive 45 minutes. However, for whites, cooling ultimately took two hours. The Frigidaire fits both standard and long neck bottles without a problem but does not have space for larger bottles of wine. I also found that its white light only showcases the top-half of the cooler, making it hard to see labels on the bottom units.

The Best Single Zone Wine Cooler is the NewAir 33 Bottle.

The NewAir is a single zone compressor fridge that can fit next to any table, cabinet or bar you have set up. It has easy to use button temperature controls, insulated glass door and blue display light, which has a professional feel. Being a compressor style fridge, it has an impressive temp range going as low as 39 degrees Fahrenheit. I loved the bonus bottom basket for non-traditional bottles of wine or champagne as well. This unit is best located in an area with the smallest sunlight since the glass does not block out UV rays.

Frigidaire 8 bottle Countertop fridge

Lastly, if you want a wallet-friendly and compact option, the Frigidaire 8 bottle Countertop fridge was my favorite. It’s ready right out of the box. It just takes one hour to cool to storage temperature. Being a single zone, thermoelectric cooler, it is ideal for versatility in your household. Obviously, great for limited space. But, one downside is that it takes two hours to cool room temperature wine. When it comes time to well protect your favorite bottle of wine, consumers look for a unit that keeps temperatures consistent, has the space for their collection, and is easy to use with minimal upkeep.

The Edgestar 34 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler out chills its competition on many features. While the Haier and Frigidaire are great options for a smaller space, I choose the EdgeStar for its capacity for storage, ability to keep wines stored at an accurate and consistent temperature, and attention to detail in the design.

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