The development of wine glasses did not begin simultaneously with the creation or discovery of the processes of wine production. So in the beginning, we can’t speak about some particular type of wine glasses. If we hold what we can see in historical books and descriptions of ancient times, the wine has been drinking from animal horns, various mugs, chalices and similar “glasses.” It is therefore apparent from this that there is also a habit of knocking with glasses, which in the original form of fine glass jars would not last. Two cups were supposed to hit so hard that the wine spilled out of both glasses and mixed with each other, which was supposed to ensure that none of the two wines were poisoned.
Since the 18th century, the first glasses of wine began to appear, intended primarily for the gentlemen and the rich. They were made of crystal and very valuable, which, according to some wine experts, is also a milestone, according to which people really could start to enjoy wine.

Not Every Type of Wine Glasses are a Glasses For the Wine

Glasses are of utmost importance for the correct perception and tasting of wine, of course in addition to all other wine products. With their form enable to the wine, that it shows us all its wealth. A proper type of glass enable wine development and to live. Whoever only drinks wine does not care much about the glass, even less for the development of smells and the observation of the color of the wine. Beer jugs, “Eurocream” glasses, plastic jars and similar packaging are not suitable for enjoying the wine.

Type of Wine Glasses are Divided Into Three Broad Groups:

  • white wine glasses
  • red wine glasses
  • sparkling wine glasses.

Of course, these are only basic shapes that can be easily separated: a glass of white wine is slightly smaller than glass for red wine, has a higher stalk and a shape of the tulip. It is slightly abdominal and narrower. Red wine requires a larger volume of a glass that is more rounded and less closed on the top. The stalk is shorter. In the opinion of experts, the glasses for sparkling wine have not yet reached the point where with their shape
could expose full enjoyment in precious bubbles. High and narrow type of wine glasses has a small, splash-proof bulge on the bottom that accelerates bubble secretion. In some places, sparkling wine will still be served in classic, low and wide sparkling glasses, which you will most often see only in the movies.

Does Every Wine Have Its Own Type of Wine Glass?

If you are an advocate of the idea that each wine has its own personality and character, then it should not be too strange for you that each wine should have its own type of wine glass also. The fact is that in addition to the three basic ones, many other glasses are adapted to individual types of wine. Young red wines, ripe red wines, rich white wines and various prestigious fillers require minor corrections to the basic shape of the glasses so that they can be completely invigorating. This mentality is already followed by the best glass manufacturers that produce special models of glasses for some of the world’s best-known wines. Each glass is specially adapted to the style of the wine and provides an exceptional top-notch wine experience.

Why Is the Shape So Important?

When bottled wine is poured into the right type of wine glasses, it is “freed” at once and spread. Oxidation and the development of odors and flavoring begin. The wine evaporates, which can be detected by the nose, taste tasty in the mouth and finally all be combined into a one-of-a-kind sensual poetry.
Regarding this fact, it is essential that the glass of white wine has a more extended stalk so that the wine does not get too hot in the glass, while the glass can be shorter for the red wine, as it is sometimes necessary to warm the wine in a glass with your hand. The shape, abdomen of the cup and the opening at the top are important because of the ratio between the size of the cup and the surface of the wine in the glass. As you pour wine into the glass only to a third, there is enough room for the development of smells when you rotate the wine in the glass, stir it up and mix it with air. It depends on the opening at the top and the shape of the upper edge of the glass, how many of the scents remain trapped in the glass, how the wine flows into the mouth, and how it is touching the tongue and the oral cavity. Although, when you are looking at the type of wine glasses, all of this might sound like science fiction, we guarantee that in the world of wine perfection every such little thing is still relevant.

What Type of Wine Glasses Do You Have at Home?

If you always would like to serve each wine in ideal glasses, you would need a large cupboard of various glasses, which is not convenient and even too expensive. Regardless of the price, we advise you to choose a high-quality type of wine glasses from recognized manufacturers. Lovely, cute and sweet glasses are not the best choice because the more you know about wine, the more you will feel the inadequacy of the glasses. Choose a set of basic three shapes, and then, if necessary, add special glasses that will best match your favorite wines.

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