Although Slovenia is not the only one to share the Adriatic Sea, the Slovenian coast makes this country one of the marvelous tourist countries. So, visit the Slovenian coast.

The Adriatic Sea (from the Latin: Mare Hadriaticum or Mare Adriaticum) separates the Italian peninsula from the Balkan Peninsula. The Adriatic is the most northerly stretch of the Mediterranean Sea, extending from the Otranto Canal (where it joins the Ionian Sea) to the Veneto region and the mouth of the Po River. The coastal countries are Italy, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia.

The Slovenian coast stretches between the city of Ankaran (near Italy) and the town of Sečovlje (close to the border with Croatia). Slovenia is not only the mountain! The country is open on the Adriatic Sea, along its forty kilometers of coastline.

All towns or villages in this region have the particularity of being bilingual Slovenian and Italian. You can express yourself in English, Italian, and Slovenian. Go! Together! Let’s walk through 3 beautiful towns on the Slovenian coast.

Koper: The Largest City on the Slovenian Coastthe Slovenian Coast

Koper (in Slovenian), or Capodistria (in Italian), with a population of more than 50,000, is one of Slovenia’s most important urban municipalities.

The municipality, located on the peninsula of Istria, has the distinction of being bilingual in Slovenian and Italian. It is home to the country’s only major commercial port and plays a strategic role in its country. It is located in the Gulf of Trieste, particularly in the Bay of Koper (Koprski Zaliv or Baia di Capodistria) north of the Adriatic Sea. It is located east of the Slovenian municipalities of Izola and Piran and just over 10 km south of the important Italian city of Trieste.

If you are going on vacation on the Slovenian coast, you will indeed have the opportunity to go to Koper for:

– A walk on the marina.

– Buy some local products (honey, fruits, vegetables …) on the market (Saturday morning …).

– Stroll through the old town shopping street (Čevljarska Ulica).

– Eat fresh fish in a good restaurant (see our article on Restaurant Manta).

– Do some shopping in the many supermarkets (Tus, Mercator, Spar …).

– Have a game of bowling, billiards, or even dancing at Planet Tus.

– Buy some clothes and accessories in the many department stores present on Capodistria (e.g., Supernova).

Koper or Capodistria is a very developed city; you will find all that you will need to have fun, eat, go out, and make the most of your holidays in Slovenia.

Izola: A Pearl on the Slovenian Coast!the Slovenian Coast

Its name comes from “Isola,” which means “island” in Italian. Indeed, the locality of Izola was established on an island two thousand years before J.C.

Izola is a lovely small town (about 16,000 inhabitants) seaside, very colorful, with facades reminiscent of Italy, a few tens of kilometers from here, on the Adriatic coast. The alleys are all narrow, paved ground, multicolored facades, and flowered balconies. It’s pretty; it’s really charming. Izola is a small tourist town very well-equipped.

We can feel the Italian past in architecture. Moreover, the city is particularly bilingual in Slovenian and Italian, which is easily noticeable as soon as we put our eyes on a panel or even on product labels.

If you want to go on holiday in this region, here are the exciting things to do in Izola:

– Take a walk on the harbor and drink a milkshake on the terrace.

– Get lost in the old town and contemplate the old monuments (conservatory, campanile …).

– Bathing in the crystalline waters of the Adriatic.

– Rent a pedal boat (10 euros / h approx).

– Lunch in one of the many pizzerias.

– Taste the wonders of the sea while eating in a fish restaurant (we will give you the good addresses of restaurants).

– Party at the Ambasada Gavioli (disco).

– Roller skating on the coast (you can go for long walks).

Piran: A Marvel in the Slovenian Coast!Piran

Piran is a very beautiful ancient city, following the sharp shape of the coastline.

Like the entire Slovenian Adriatic coast, the city is bilingual Slovenian-Italian. There are also a large number of Italians on vacation here.

Piran derives its meaning from the Greek word “Pyr,” which means “fire.” Then the Romans appropriated it and gave it the name “Piranum.” Piran is in direct conflict with Croatia for stories of maritime boundaries.

Imagine a stroll along the coast, in the tiny alleys with old houses and small buildings no higher than three floors …

In the old town of Piran, you can:

– You walk along the sea to the tip of Piran.

– Stroll in the very typical narrow streets (architecture of the Republic of Venice).

– Climb on the ramparts and enjoy an extraordinary view!

– Visit the church of Piran and its campanile.

– To swim in the Adriatic Sea.

– Drink a drink on Tartini Square and contemplate the small marina.

During your holidays in Slovenia, it is essential to come to the Adriatic coast and visit Piran. Also, if you cross Slovenia from Italy to go to the Croatian coast, do not hesitate to plan a stopover in Piran! You will not be disappointed by this rather nice break!

In Summary

The Slovenian coastline offers all types of life for only a few tens of kilometers! International port, idleness, typical villages, olive hills, nightlife … You have to be in the right place at the right time according to your desires.

The Slovenian coast is for everyone. There is something for every taste!

Have you ever had the opportunity to visit one of these three cities? Do you have other ideas for activities to share?

Read also about the Strunjan. Strunjan is just another pearl on the Slovenian Coast.

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