You can grow herbs to reduce stress if you have only a few square meters of soil or a flower pot. High beams are also suitable for this purpose.

Have you ever moved around a rosemary plant or rubbed a few leaves between your fingers to release a sharp and relaxing aroma? Rosemary is just one of the herbs that you can easily grow in your garden or pots and add to recipes or add twigs to bouquets of flowers for an aromatic, uplifting mood.

Herbs to Reduce Stress Has Been Used for a Very Long Time in MedicineHerbs to Reduce Stress Has Been Used for a Very Long Time in Medicine

Humanity has used herbs for medicinal intentions since ancient times – mainly to treat depression and anxiety. Kava Kava, an herb grown primarily in the Pacific Islands, can effectively relieve depression and menopausal symptoms.


Lavender is often called the “herb workhorse” and is very effective in elevating mood reducing anxiety and irritability, and insomnia. Lavender continues to act as an antibacterial agent to regulate hormones and regulate your immune system.

Lavender can be brewed in tea or placed in a diffuser to relax before bed. Licorice root has a natural hormone that can reduce stress. It is an excellent substitute for cortisone and can also help your adrenal glands and your strength in regulating blood sugar levels.

Passion Fruit

Drink it in the form of tea. Another great way to relieve stress with tea is to grow herbs and passion fruit. It is a very mild sedative that can help you sleep well and is also used for depression and anxiety.

Verbena hastata(Blue Vervain)

Verbena hastata(Blue Vervain) has been used since ancient times to cleanse the liver, balance hormones in women, and reduce sugar cravings. It can relieve stress and calm your nervous system for all who mostly feel it in the head area and the neck.


If you haven’t heard of the healing herb ginseng, you may have lived under a rock. It is an excellent herb for anxiety, stimulating energy, fighting depression, and helping with memory.

Wood Betony

Are you suffering from headaches? Try the herb Wood Betony, an herb that has been used for anxiety and tension since ancient times. Wood Betony helps you focus on what matters and move on with your life.

You Can Grow Herbs to Reduce Stress but Beware

Some herbs do not mix well with prescription drugs, so before you prepare herbs for medical purposes, do proper research to determine how they can affect everything you take.

The herb garden was a necessity at a time when over-the-counter medications were not available. You can now enjoy growing herbs in pots if you don’t have a garden space.

Herbs are a fantastic complement to any garden or container space and are usually easy to grow. Online and book help offers hundreds of ways to use these valuable herbal supplements.

I especially recommend the following book.

Herbs for Stress and Anxiety
By (author) Rosemary Gladstar

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