Ordinary wine glasses made of glass are beautiful and elegant, but unfortunately, they are also very delicate. We break a lot of them while doing the dishes, or we just stumble, and the glass falls to the floor. If we may take care of our glasses, our children certainly do not. In this case, however, a portable insulated wine cup is very suitable.

A Portable Insulated Wine Cup Is Suitable for All Types of Drinks

A portable insulated wine cup with a lid is an elegant and versatile solution and suitable for every wine lover! Well, not just wine. This cup is ideal for all types of drinks. You have no more worry about broken glass. This portable insulated wine cup is more than suitable for serving drinks while you enjoy it with your loved ones on the terrace in front of your vineyard cottage or on the balcony! You can fill these stainless steel wine glasses with wine, beer, tea, or whatever, and their elegant design will impress your guests! This is an essential set of cups (cup and lid for a sip) that you have on hand for any occasion.

You Can Use a Portable Insulated Wine Cup Everywhere

These insulated wine cups with lids are Leak-proof and unbreakable, perfect for use by the pool, beach, barbecue, travel, camping, and even picnics. Without a doubt, you can take them with you on your next weekend vacation! Only your imagination is your limit.

How Is It Made?

These cups are made of 18/8 light lead-free stainless steel and are dishwasher safe, and will not change flavors or leach chemicals.

These double-walled cups with a vacuum-insulated exterior are non-condensing and sweat-proof.

The simple wide-mouth design has a rubber seal and a BPA-free sip lid that allows you to take your popular drink with you on the go, unlike traditional wine glasses, which break easily.

It is available in so many cute colors that you will have trouble choosing just one!

Why Is It Important to Keep Wine at the Right Temperature?

Some drinks need to be cooled to be consumed, while others need to be reheated. The temperature of the wine is especially important. In addition to the appropriate temperature, the wine should be stored in a dry and dark place.

What you need to know when storing wine at home:

  • wines must not be exposed to direct sunlight
  • wines require a constant temperature
  • wine corks require a certain degree of humidity
  • the wine is sensitive to vibrations

How to Store Wine Like a Pro

Each of us has at least two or three bottles of wine at home. It is up to you whether you keep these bottles in a classic refrigerator or whether they will accumulate dust in a pantry. When the number of bottles starts to grow, it is necessary to think about where you will store them. Options are, for example, metal or wooden shelves and ordinary storage. It is unlikely that you have a suitable cellar at home that meets the requirements for storing wine and where you can use the space for this purpose. If you have limited space in the apartment, one option is to buy a wine cabinet.

Wine cabinets or refrigerators made for storing wine are ideal because they maintain a constant temperature regardless of external conditions. One of the problems with the home storage of wine is the daily fluctuations in temperature in the room where we live. If we look at winter and summer temperatures, these differences are even more pronounced in the long run. Humidity in our climate can fluctuate markedly, and direct light can harm wine storage.

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