We live in a time where people are quickly hooked on everything that has in their name: natural, bio, eco, or organic. So, wine lovers wish to enjoy the best of organic wines too. It is also a logical counterpoint to today’s lifestyle, so it is not surprising that we also have organic wines. To be clear, organic wines are not some new trend; they have existed since the world exists, but they are definitely experiencing a kind of revival among winemakers, among the so-called. Connaisseur.

What Are Organic Wines?Enjoy With Best of Organic Wines

But let’s first explain what organic or natural wines are and how they are made. These are the wines that are made in the vineyard. If you are moving in wine circles and hanging out with winemakers, you have certainly heard this claim a hundred times, and it may seem like floss, but in the case of natural wines – this is indeed true. O.K. – wines that are made in the vineyard, but now you must be wondering – what does that even mean? This means that the grapes are the base from which the wine is made in the absolute focus of the winemaker/grower, so it is not treated with any chemical substances. Only natural preparations are used for such a wine.

An Agri-Spiritual Discipline

Many winemakers who work in this way are guided by the principles of biodynamics and agri-spiritual discipline. This practice includes, among other things: monitoring the lunar changes according to which work is planned in the vineyard and cellar, burying the horns with cow’s feces in the ground to feed the soil, etc. Once such naturally grown grapes ripen, they are harvested when they are in the best shape (high quality, low yields). Furthermore, such grapes are then made into wines, which are also not treated with any chemical substances, but by extraction from the grape skins and seeds. Such wines are only conserved with alcohol, natural tannins, and acids. The wines thus prepared are of specific flavors and aromas in which the variety of a particular type of grape is most pronounced. There are no selected yeasts, wood, or any other subsequently added aromas. The most wonderful thing about organic wines is that you will not be drunk in a classical way. You won’t have a hangover because of them. Such wines are intoxicating, and you have absolutely healthy heads and bodies the next day.

How to Enjoy With Best of Organic Wines and Gastronomy

Such a philosophy of winemaking has found its counterpart in gastronomy as well. Chefs and restaurant owners around the world have recognized the benefits of such wines, and the number of restaurants offering exclusively organic wines is constantly increasing. These are not, in principle, classic restaurants, but rather those who, by their philosophy, support a turn to nature as a major inspiration and put food first. They serve dishes of refined flavors and seemingly simple foods but treated with superior culinary techniques. It goes without saying this approach requires a great deal of knowledge – about gastronomy, local gastronomic heritage, and cooking as such. I have to admit that this is my favorite type of restaurant. They are, in principle, unpretentious – simple interiors (which often do not give the impression of excellent cuisine), leisurely service, but extremely well-educated staff.

You Can Enjoy With Best of Organic Wines in the Best Restaurants

Quite simply, the experience of such a restaurant is extraordinary. What they all have in common is that there you can eat superbly. Believe me, I ate some of the finest and most imaginative meals in such restaurants. Likewise, the team that gathers in such places is exciting, well-informed (and educated) about superb gastronomy, but at the same time, approaches and consumes it without much (and often unnecessary) fanfare.

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