There are several things to consider when you need to decide how to choose the correct wine glasses for you. Discover this secret in this article.

If you used wooden clay cups or heavily decorated crystal glasses, the colors would not be seen at all, or it would be very difficult. Modern wine glasses are therefore made of thinner glass. Glasses also differ in size from what our grandfathers drank. The glasses are much larger and, as a rule, on tall stalks. This fact allows a comfortable grip so that the fingers of the wine do not heat or grease the bowl. The not-so-old novelty is that wines of different origins and varieties require glasses of different sizes and shapes. The fact is that the same wine, when smelled from two very different glasses, smells different. The theory behind this is simple. The following factors are important in how we perceive the multifaceted aromas of wine: the volume of the glass and the distance of the surface of the poured wine from its edge, which determines how close we can get with the nose to the wine. The volume of the glass determines how much the aromas of the wine will mix with the air. And the shape of the glass determines how much we can get closer to the nose with the wine.the Correct Wine Glasses

How to Choose the Correct Wine Glasses for You?

When tasting red wines, you usually want a large bowl on the wine glass. This shape gives you a larger surface and plenty of room for a swirl of wine. These glasses should allow you to pour 10 to 20 ounces of wine into them. The best red wine glasses are oval-shaped and slightly narrow at the top of the glass.

White wine glasses should be slender, flute-shaped glasses. This shape is necessary to enjoy white wine to its taste. A glass of white wine should be significantly smaller than a glass of red wine.

Holding a Wine Glass

When tasting wine, it is still essential to know how to hold your wine glass properly. This behavior will show that you are well-versed and have the correct protocol. Always keep the wine glass by the stem.

Never hold a glass of wine by the bowl. Your hands are warm, and if you hold the glass to the bowl, you will warm the wine. You also want to be sure not to put any fingerprints on the glass.

Washing Wine Glasses

There are many different approaches to washing your wine glasses properly. You want to make sure that you have cleaned the glass completely. Some like to practice the hot water rinse method. If you decide to use only wine glasses with water, be sure to get all the remaining wine out of the glass before setting it to dry. You can also wash your wine glasses with mild soap and a sponge.

Some like to use soda to wash their glasses. This approach is common for washing expensive glasses like crystal. Some glasses can be washed in the dishwasher. It is best to wash only wine glasses that have short stems in the dishwasher. When you wash the glass with a long stem in the dishwasher, the stems are often prone to break.

When you wash your wine glasses, set them to air dry. Place the glasses on a towel and allow them to dry. You will not have stains of hard water on the jars. If you are washing your glasses in the dishwasher, it is best to interrupt the drying session and remove the jars to air dry.

Wine Glass Racks

And finally, we have to put the glass somewhere. Whether you want to dismantle your favorite glasses or just tidy up – the wine glass racks are both an aesthetic accessory for your wine cellar or kitchen as well as a practical storage space for glasses.

A wide range of wine glass racks will offer everything from classic wooden racks to elegant white racks. Wine racks are usually designed to be easily combined with other equipment in your wine cellar.

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