Each fan of wine will be meeting with the issue of how to open the wine bottle, so every true lover of wine must have some compulsory wine accessories to assist in the opening, loading, and storing of wine. The first two things you probably think about when mentioning the wine are the opener and the glass. As you can read on our blog, you can open the wine bottle without a real opener, but the wine deserves a respectful attitude, so do not use these methods if it is not necessary. So let’s take a look at what gadgets you need to have.

How to Open the Wine Bottle and What Do You Need for This Purpose

Open the Wine Bottle

You can try to open the wine bottle in different ways, but it is essential that you have the right opener. The easiest way is the two-stage opener, and beginners also like the “butterfly” or the two-handle opener with which the plug is quickly out of the bottle. The opener’s form and performances are enormous, so we will also devote a particular note to them.

Open the Wine Bottle and Use the Correct Glass

Now it’s clear how to open the wine bottle, and it’s time for the correct glass. Not every glass is a suitable wine glass. You will soon find out that there are many different glasses, and the three largest groups are glasses for red wines, glasses for white wines, and glasses for sparkling wine. In one of the future articles, we will look at them in detail, but by then, you should remember that glasses of wine have to have a stalk and a beaker to expand the scents. No, the glasses in which you bought “Eurocream” or mustard are not the right choice for wine.

Anti-dripping Ring

A handy ring or anti-drip ring prevents wine droplets from slipping down the bottle to the tablecloth or, worse, your clothes. The inner part of the ring is clothed in a soft and very absorbent cloth that catches the drops of wine. You can also achieve the same effect with a paper napkin tied around the neck of the bottle, but this solution is much less appealing to the viewer.

Pliers for Champagne

If you know how to open the sparkling wine bottle correctly and have tried this already, then you probably know that the stopper is sometimes tough to rotate. This is much easier with pliers for champagne, but you still need to be careful that the cork doesn’t fly out of the bottle during the rotation with a big “pop.

A Foil Cutter

The foil cutter is designed to remove the foil from the neck of the bottle. Most foils have embedded tape to remove the upper part of the foil, but with a blade, you will also cut the foil without the embedded tape.

Wine Stopper for Champagne and Sparkling Wine Bottles

Replace the teaspoon effectively with the stopper. Some insert the teaspoon into the bottleneck and have expected that with it (and with some magic) to prevent bubbles from leaking. But this is far from the truth. The wine stopper, designed for sparkling wine, withstands pressure up to 6 atm.

Wine Stoppers With a Vacuum Pump

If you open the wine bottle and have some wine left in the last bottle, you will not pour it away, but you will save it for a day or two and drink it on the next occasion. Because a lot of air in the bottle indicates a more intense oxidation process, removing as much air as possible is recommended. One of the more straightforward ways is to use plastic or rubber stoppers and a special pump to exhaust air from the bottle and create a vacuum in it. Such oxidation is slower than with air in it, and the wine can stay for an additional day.

Bottle Cooler

The cooling containers are designed to maintain the proper temperature of the wine you serve. The wine in such a container remains cold in two ways. Pour cold water into the dish and add some ice cubes to it, and in the other, select a container that has walls with excellent insulating properties.


The decanter is not just a beautifully shaped bottle, where the wine looks more beautiful but also has its purpose. In fact, it has two purposes. By using the decanter, the sediment is separated from the wine, but it can be used to ventilate the wine. The process is called decanting. The decanter is usually used by advanced wine lovers or sommeliers who better understand and can handle older and archive wines.

Wine Cabinet

Wine cabinets are intended for storing wine under optimal conditions. There may be several areas with different temperatures and air humidity, and they are available in all sizes and shapes. The wine cabinet is an excellent solution if you do not have a cellar or other suitable space.

First, Take Care Of the Knowledge and Only Then For the Equipment

The initial enthusiasm for wine often creates a great desire to purchase all the necessary and unnecessary gadgets which you do not even need immediately.  First, you have to ask yourself how to open the wine bottle. For a start, you need to have the right wine glasses and a  bottle opener for effective bottle opening. Later, when you learn more about the wine or start the sommelier course, you will slowly buy all the other gadgets.

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