Bad day at work, bad news, a quarrel with a close person, fatigue, or that horrible feeling of dullness and low energy. Is drinking wine healthy in this case?

We all sometimes have a bad day. We call them “the days when I got up on my left foot.” In the evening, when everything becomes somewhat quiet, that familiar voice from within suggests to us, “How about a glass of wine?” The other famous voice goes on to say, “No … wine is not drunk like that. It is drunk in the company or with a real dinner or lunch; it is unhealthy.” It would be best if you listened to the first one. A glass of wine after a busy day or a sip of wine while relaxing with a good movie, series, or book can really help us. A little wine heals the spirit but also the body.

Many studies have indeed been conducted on the health effects of drinking wine, of course, in moderation. And all have shown how good wine in moderation has a positive effect on adult health.

1. Drink Wine and Live LongerIs Drinking Wine Healthy for You?

Harvard researchers have linked the red wine ingredient resveratrol to a protein that stimulates the work of genes that protect the body against aging-related diseases.

This theory is supported by the lifespan of Mediterranean islands like Crete and Sicily, where drinking red wine on a daily basis has been a habit for thousands of years. In favor of the long life of these inhabitants is the slow-moving island lifestyle, without much stress and with the light Mediterranean cuisine.

2. Is Drinking Wine Healthy for Your Heart?

A little wine every day means a sincere but also strong heart. At the beginning of the millennium, scientists discovered that the world’s oldest drink widens the arteries and increases blood circulation, reducing the appearance of blood clots that can damage the heart. Also, wine increases the levels of HDL and good blood cholesterol and prevents the appearance of bad cholesterol that destroys the artery walls. A study conducted in 2000 by the Dutch Institute for Research and Development Medicine on 275 men and women 32 years of age explicitly focused on the relationship between wine and blood cholesterol levels. Respondents who consumed one to two glasses of wine a day had significantly higher levels of good blood cholesterol, which “wiped out” the cholesterol that causes blood clotting.

So a glass of wine up to two glasses of wine a day through the day really reduces the risk of a heart attack.

3. Wine and Cancer

Wine can also play a significant role in protecting against the terrible disease that is increasingly affecting the modern world. Namely, the good things about wine are that it prevents blood clotting also reduces the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Phenols from wine also act to slow down the growth of malignant cells in these two most common types of cancer.

One French study has linked red wine resveratrol (yes, we mentioned it before) to the reduced growth of malignant cells in liver cancer. The US study has the same conclusion regarding the same ingredient with the prevention of oral cancer.

In all studies, red wine was tested for its antioxidant properties.

4. Wine and Bone Density

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bone loses its hardness; they become brittle and spongy.
Osteoporosis is also less common in people who drink wine moderately because it provides the body with enough minerals to maintain optimal bone mass.

A glass or two wines a day is sufficient for this purpose.

5. Wine and the Digestive System

Wine contains alcohol, and alcohol has antibacterial properties, making wine the only cure for centuries. It was used as a cure for travel sickness (diarrhea).

A German study conducted in the late 1990s found that people who consumed wine moderately on a daily basis had fewer problems with gastric inflammation and other infections.

Also, as wine lowers blood cholesterol, it also has a positive effect on the appearance of gallstones.

How to Drink Wine for Good Health?

You read this text, and now you want to drink some wine. I wanted a glass of wine also when I was writing this.

Who wouldn’t? Because if we drink a little wine every day, we will have a healthier heart, healthy bones, and fewer digestive problems and stomach infections, and by drinking wine, we prevent cancer and kidney stones.

At the same time, if we drank too much wine the other day, our head is too big, we have a bad feeling in our stomachs, and we want it all to go away and let us all be alone forever.

Wine is healthy as long as you are moderate in drinking it. And we have to emphasize that. A glass of wine is healthy as long as it is only one glass a day.

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