A glass of wine hangs out with us and accompanies us on various occasions. But make authentic wine selections because that’s the only way to cheer yourself up. It often happens to us that we think about what terms we have heard or read somewhere to describe wine. It’s as if you want to flip through the wine lexicon in your head. But of course, make no mistake; knowledge is indispensable and desirable.

Make Authentic Wine Selections That Will Appeal to YouMake authentic wine selections because that's the only way to cheer yourself up.

In order to understand what kind of wine we are drinking, it is worth making an effort to feel it. Wine speaks for itself. First, with color intensity. Because even a person with a pale face is not very strong. And then with the smell. Ah, when through your nostrils you are embraced by sophisticated floral, fruity, and all other numerous scents, gentle or more decisive… and when on a warm May evening you perceive the smell of the first flowering vines in the wind. What a wealth of nature! From a barely noticeable flower, such a sweet thing that indescribable beauty overwhelms you.

Combine Smell With Taste

The wine is ultimately revealed to you when the smell is combined with the taste. A wide range of innumerable fruit, herbal, jam… flavors encompasses the entire oral cavity and throat. Or just part of it. What can the vine create from the earth and the attentive winemaker in the wine? Some wines show themselves as soon as they are poured. Others are more reserved and expect our calmness and patience to discover them. Some need special attention. The third is determined and wants to convince you ultimately. Aggressive here and there. Still, others are extremely friendly; they caress you from the inside and warmly invite you to pour yourself another glass.

When we open up and feel, wine can give us many things. Then perhaps we can also perceive in him all the heart and gratitude of a dedicated man who defies nature all year round, listen to it, lives with it, and works to treat himself and others to a glass of authentic wine.

However, Winemaking Is Not an Easy Task

I remember how in the winter you freeze in the wind while pruning the vines, how many times you crouch down to prune each one, how hot and sweaty you are in the vineyard day after day in the summer so that the grapes will ripen in the sun as best as possible… That constant attention to the weather is decisive for the crop I will not even mention.

But all the effort is paid off when you sit on the terrace with a glass of your wine on beautiful evenings, with a beautiful sunset, and look over the well-kept vineyard.

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