What do we need to know before planting wine grape vines? Certain basic rules must be followed. You need to know what kind of material is indispensable for this work.  You need to know What are the best conditions for the vine. You need to know when is the best time for planting wine grape vines. Etc.Planting Wine Grape Vines

Necessary Material for Planting Wine Grape Vines

  • seedlings of the vine (either resistant or classic wine-growing)
  • shovel
  • steel wire, if we plant a whole row
  • pole, if we plant an individual planting vine
  • garden soil
  • ground vole stop (if we have a vole on the plot)
  • peat
  • natural fertilizer or livestock manure
  • mineral fertilizer for vineyard
  • cutter shears

Time to Plant Vines

  • It is best to plant vineyards at rest. This time is from the autumn, when the foliage falls, to the spring sprouting of new shoots. If we plant in autumn, we must protect the plant from frost.
  • Since we also grow vines in a pot, we can plant them all year round.
  • In the first year, during the dry season, we water the vines.

Preparation of Vine Seedlings

  • We do not cut one year’s seedlings.
  • Shorten the two-year seedlings to 2-3 meshes
  • Before planting, soak the vine for 24-36 hours in the water.
  • The seedlings in the pot can wait for later planting, but they must be watered.
  • Cut off the roots of seedlings before planting at a length of about 10 cm.

Planting Wine Grape Vines

Preparation of a Planting Hole

  • It is recommended to dig the planting hole several days before planting.
  • The width of the cave should be 40 cm, and the depth of 30 cm.
  • When planting several vines in a row, the planting distance should be 75 cm, while the spacing distance between the rows is at least 1.5 – 2 m.
  • When excavating the hole, the upper fertile layer should be separated from the dead soil – on a separate pile.
  • Vine let it be planted in deep and drained soil and in a sunny position. If we have heavy soil, it is much more advisable to add humus or compost to the earth.

Vine Support

  • Vines need support.
  • Vine support depends on the type of cultivation.
  • If we plant one seedling, there is enough support pole.
  • When planting several seedlings in a row, we install two stronger support poles (20 cm thick and 2 m high)—one at the beginning of the row and the other at the end of the row. We need to tension five wires between them, 20 to 30 cm apart. A smaller support pole is placed on each vine, as the young vines need support. In the adult vine, the support can be removed.

Planting Wine Grape Vines

  • A mixture of organic fertilizer and garden soil is added to the bottom of the excavated pit. Instead of the garden soil, you can also choose some other substrate than the earth’s voles to stop (this is how the voles are picked up).
  • From the added substrate, a planting cone is formed on which we place the heel of the graft, and the roots are evenly distributed apart and down.
  • The plant cone must not be too deep because the grafted site must be 10 cm above the ground.
  • The roots are treated with a mixture of soil, compost, and peat.
  • At the periphery of the cave spread well-bred manure. If we do not have it, then add a natural organic fertilizer. The root should not be in direct contact with the fertilizer.
  • Fill the hole to the top with the rest of the soil and gently press the soil.
  • Tie up the vines to the support pole and water it.

The First Cut of the Vine at Planting

  • We do not cut one year’s seedlings. In the spring, when we leave more green shoots, we leave only 1-2 stronger; the other shoots are broken.
  • It is necessary to deprive the two-year planters of the vine at 2-3 plants at the time of planting. This stimulates the growth of seedlings and new shoots in the next year.

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