According to international organizations, Slovenia is one of the seven safest countries to visit. In 2019, travelers were expected to have the most dangers in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

You can read more about Slovenia on the WIKIPEDIA website. In short, let me say that Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe. Its neighbors are Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. The official language is Slovenian. But I must point out that many people speak English too. Therefore, as a tourist, do not expect communication problems. Above all, the Slovenian people are known for their kindness towards foreigners.Slovenia-Safest Countries to Visit

Slovenia is the Safest Countries to Visit According to the International SOS and Control Risks

From the risk map published by International SOS and Control Risks, we can conclude that Slovenia is among the safest countries like Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Luxembourg. For Eleven years in a row, Iceland has been rated the world’s safest country on the latest planet’s safety index.

The map classifies countries according to the degree of risk that is awaiting travelers in a given part of the world. For the seven safest, this risk is considered to be insignificant. In the rest of Europe, except Ukraine, Russia, and Kosovo, the risk is low. The same level of security applies to Canada, the United States, and Australia.

The Medium Risk for Tourists

The medium risk for tourists, for example, is the visit to Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil, while high hazards include visits to Mexico, Venezuela, and DRC. In addition to Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Somalia, among the countries with the highest and extreme risk levels belong South Sudan, Mali, and Yemen.

Slovenia Is the Safest Country to Visit Regarding Health Risks Also

An interactive map of countries in the world also shows health risks. In this respect, among those with the highest risk are several African countries, including South Sudan, Côte d’Ivoire, and Niger, and the rest, for example, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Venezuela. Slovenia is a low-risk country.

Road Safety Is a Little Worse

Somewhat worse than the best, Slovenia is classified in road safety. In this classification, Slovenia is classified as a low-risk country, but in some countries, this risk is even lower, very low. Most of the European countries which are better categorized are west and north of Slovenia, including neighboring Austria. In this respect, the situation is least desirable in the predominant part of the black continent.

Slovenia Is a Hidden Jewel of Europe

So Slovenia is a hidden jewel of Europe – it has all the history and culture of the old world, but it is free of mass tourism. The best reason to visit, in my opinion, is that Slovenia is a green destination, a leader in sustainable tourism, preserving natural resources, and encouraging the population to improve their quality of life.

Those who have already visited Slovenia have described our country as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a diverse landscape. Safe, beautiful, varied, and exciting. What could be more interesting to visit?

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