You probably want to have the lighting in your wine cellar decorative and functional. You also wish that your wine cellar lighting provide enough light for seeing wine labels without endangering your wine to extreme ultraviolet and heat light. Setting all of your cellar lightings on wall switches with dimmers will give you the flexibleness to lower and raise light levels for the suitable tasks. Switch timers and motion detectors are a great feature and prevent the lights from being left on inadvertently.  Your light fixture options are recessed cans, track lighting,  wall sconces, chandeliers, display accent lighting.

Wine Cellar Lighting – Recessed Cans

Recessed cans are the best solution for solid lighting. They’re unobtrusive, and those specialized fixtures allow you to aim the light to areas where it’s most needed. Make sure to install the recessed cans at least 18 inches off your walls to avoid interfering with your wine storage ranking. Also, recessed lights should be insulated and have a vapor barrier behind them.

Wine Cellar Lighting – Wine Cellar Lighting Track lighting

Track lighting can be used in addition to recessed Cans or like as an alternative for the recessed Cans. Track lights are adjustable and afford great light. As with recessed cans make sure all tracks are at least 18 inches off your walls to evade touch with the wine racking.

Wine Cellar Lighting – Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are attractive and shed indirect diffused light throughout your cellar. Wall space and wine cellars are often at a premium and may limit the use of sconces.

Wine Cellar Lighting – Chandelier

Chandeliers are a lighting option for clients seeking a more elegant look in their wine cellar. If you’re considering a chandelier make sure that your fixture can be hung high enough or in the location that avoids foot traffic areas.

Wine Cellar Lighting – Display Accent Lighting

Adequately installed display accent lighting can be the crowning touch for your wine cellar. We recommend using low voltage lighting systems that offer fixture location flexibility. Accent lighting works excellent, and arch great reveals and vertical displays. Vigilant offers accent lighting kits are specifically designed for wine cellar applications. Ask your vigilant sales consultant for more information.