Summer. The sun, the heat, and the relaxed atmosphere call after afternoon-evening parties, where many rarely enjoy wine in the classical sense of the word. Although other refreshing beverages are much more popular, you can still enjoy the wine in the summer – even in a slightly different form. If you do not mind that wine is mixed with other drinks, then you can enjoy a colorful and delicious summer in various wine cocktail cocktail recipes

Domestic Classics or Original Sin With Wine Cocktail Recipes

Do not read those who do not allow mixing other drinks with wine. For all the rest, we offer the first “blend,” which is not even a cocktail at all. It is a simple combination of wine and water or mineral water that is mixed in different proportions. Given that in the summer, many people prefer to drink spritzer. How great sin is this kind of mixing? We will not argue. Each has its own reasons, the tastes are different, and the summer is hot. By the way, 2: 1 for mineral water or 50:50 are the most common ratios, and you can mix red or white wine.


A trendy “blend” with wine is also “Kalimotxo.” Especially in the summer is the right combination between bubbles of cola and red wine.

Summer with Fruit and Wine: Sangria!Sangria

Sangria is a classic of summer. Unique recipes are quite a lot because people have made quantities available of fruits and other sangria additives over the years. The base is always quite similar: wine and juice (9/10) and cognac or rum (1/10), then add fruits cut into cubes. It is important that the fruit does not decompose and becomes mushy. Sangria must be compulsorily cooled, and for those with more imagination, we suggest that you serve it in a delicious watermelon or pineapple and with a few ice cubes. Of course, we also have a recipe for you, but you can tailor it in your own way.


1 l of red wine,

1 l of juice (multivitamin is the best!),

1 dl pineapple compote,

2 bananas,

1 orange,

1 lemon,

1 apple or 1 pear,

20 berries of grapes,

5 spoons of sugar,

2 teaspoons of cinnamon.


Cut the fruits into pieces, mix them in a large bowl with 1 lemon juice, add sugar, mix, and place in the fridge. Add wine, juice, compote, and cinnamon. After two hours, mix well again, and then shake ice cubes in the bowl. Each guest takes a bite of his beverage with a scoop, but you can prepare glasses beforehand and decorate them with slices of fruit.

Of course, you may have ingredients cooled before; you only cut the fruit and mix it all together. It is only essential that sangria is served cold and has at least three types of fruit.

Some More Famous Wine Cocktail Recipes

Cocktails with wine can be simple or more complex, depending on how well you mix drinks. You can find many recipes with the appropriate amounts of individual ingredients on the web; here are just a few suggestions to know what to expect.

  • Mimosa is prepared from orange juice, sparkling wine, and fruit liqueur. You serve it in a glass of sparkling wine.
  • Daiquiri Royale requires mint, sugar, lime, rum, fruit liqueur, and sparkling wine. When preparing, you must crush the mint leaves, sugar, and lime juice. Then add the rum, liqueur, and ice, shake, and finally, in the glass, sprinkle with sparkling wine.
  • French 69 consists of gin, sparkling wine, fruit liqueur, lemon juice, and sugar syrup. It is vital to add sparkling wine at the end.
  • Earls New Punch is also prepared from gin, along with lemon juice, orange juice, raspberry liqueur, and chilled tea.
  • Earl Gray, vermouth, and fruit (strawberries, blackberries…). Mix fluids, and finally, add fruit.

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