The ideal storage is a cellar with enough humidity and the ideal temperature to store wine, which is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. A good substitute for a basement is a refrigerator, preferably a wine refrigerator cabinet.

No one wants a quality wine to become unusable before they even have a chance to enjoy all of its attributes. Unfortunately, not every home has a wine cellar with perfect conditions for storing wine.

Ideally, the Wine Cellar Is Moist but Not Too MuchIdeal Temperature to Store Wine

The ideal conditions for storing wine are strongly dependent on the prevailing humidity, exposure to sunlight, and possible temperature fluctuations. Ideally, the wine cellar is damp, but not too much, just right cold and relatively dark. Do you know why?

Lack of moisture can dry out the cork, and too much humidity can cause it to mold. If the wine is in a too-cold room, it can freeze and lose quality. If it is in an overheated room, the heat accelerates the aging process.

And one more thing: ultraviolet light can change the taste of your wine, and if the wines are exposed to oxygen, even the highest quality ones lose their attributes in a few days. Wine quality is also affected by rapid changes in temperature and vibration – such as dryers or washing machines (if nearby). In short: storing the wine properly is not easy. In any case, it is worth trying to make the storage of wines as optimal as possible, as this is the only way to preserve the quality of the wine.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to redecorate the basement. You can also enjoy top-quality wine if you live in an apartment or a house without a cellar. The solution is wine cabinets that create an ideal atmosphere. Top-quality wine cabinets are for wine lovers who do not have their own wine cellar and keep top-quality wines in their wine storage, intended for both archiving (aging) and regular use. Here are some tips on how to store different styles of wine and how to make sure the temperature of the wine is always perfect for enjoying.

What Is the Best Temperature to Store Wine?

Already the sparrows on the roof are chirping that the wine should be served at the ideal temperature. Do you know which ones are right for red, white, orange, and rose?

Recommended Temperatures for Serving Individual Wine Styles:

  • 6-8 degrees Celsius – sparkling wines;
  • 8-12 degrees Celsius – fresh white wines and rosé wines;
  • 12-14 degrees Celsius – sweet, dessert wines, orange wines;
  • 14-16 degrees Celsius – light red wines, alcoholic wines (port, Madeira, sherry);
  • 16-18 degrees Celsius – all other red wines.

After storage comes the time to enjoy. The key to perfect results in both is finding the right temperature. Here, however, it can get a bit complicated as each wine reveals its attributes at its own temperature. One of the possibilities for unraveling such dilemmas is the smart wine refrigerator cabinet.

Suitable wine cabinets keep the wine at an ideal serving temperature. Yes, you’ll shrug your shoulders, but judging by the top frame, white and red wines can’t be kept in the same place, as they love each their own temperature. Suitable wine cabinets can do this, as they have two adjustable temperature ranges, so you can always store your favorite bottles of wine so that they are ready to enjoy.

What Do Suitable Wine Cabinets Have?

  • The wine cabinet should have double glazing, dimming, reflection, and UV filter on the door so that the wine will be safe from all unwanted intrusions of direct light.
  • The space of total usable volume should have enough to put the bottles nicely and visibly on the aesthetic shelves.
  • The wine cabinet should have electronic temperature control with a digital display.
  • Adjustable temperature ranges with two digital internal thermometers and a flexible temperature range from 5 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius are especially essential for the proper service of wine.

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