Although there are several types of wine you buy, the most unknown are ice wines. So where to buy ice wine if it is so rare on the market? Ice wine is a scarce form of wine. Ice wine is a wine that is produced in certain types of weather conditions. Ice wine is produced mostly in the Pacific Northwest region, where the weather conditions are right for this type of wine.

There Is Not a Lot of Ice Wine in the WorldWhere to Buy Ice Wine

Ironically, ice wine is produced in very small quantities. With the lack of availability to produce it and the best quality, the product is remarkably rare indeed. Truth be told, there are only rare lucky people who can actually buy wine. Due to the small amount, ice wine can be extremely expensive for most of us and out of the price range.

Ice Wine Is as a Diamond

Much like the value of owning a diamond, ice wine is something that many of us dream of and hope to experience at some period in our lives. Although the materials are rare, weather conditions are even more crucial for the production of this wine. When the right weather conditions come, the wine maker prepares to produce this invaluable and extremely rare wine.

Very Demanding Conditions for the Production of Ice Wine

The necessary conditions required for the production of ice wine are completely ripe grapes and a temperature of about minus 5 degrees C. The temperature must remain such for several days so that the winemaker can complete the winemaking process. Grapes frozen in these extremely cold temperatures are eliminated at night by the winegrower and his assistants.

It Takes a Lot of Grapes for One Bottle of Ice Wine

It may take a large number of grapes to make a bottle of ice wine. Once the grapes are picked, gently squeeze them to collect only the liquid juice. Temperature creates frozen water crystals that ferment along with the sugars and particles found in idle juices. Through this process, wonderful and rare ice wine is created.

Where to Buy Ice Wine?

If you want to try ice wine, the search might be very difficult. As you probably already know, most liquor and wine stores do not sell this rare wine. It’s also not hard to find online unless you catch it at the right time. Even then, if you find it, it can easily cost you a hundred thousand dollars for one bottle.

Try in the Pacific Northwest Region

The best way to find and experience ice wine is to find the right wine producer in the Pacific Northwest region. Even though the bottles go extremely fast once they’re made, you may be able to catch a winemaker with something on hand. Be prepared to spend a hefty amount. Although it can cost a lot and is extremely difficult to find – the taste of ice wine is, therefore, worth the effort.

Ice Wine in Slovenia

Ice wines are made from grapes that have completely frozen on the vine. Then the water in the grapes freezes. In Slovenia, the conditions for ice wines are determined by law. The conditions for wine to be sold under the name of ice wine are a temperature of -7 degrees Celsius for at least three days and nights and a sugar content of 130 degrees Oe. [1]

In the production of ice wines, it is important that the frozen grapes are pressed before they thaw. This ensures that the juice with the sugars and acids is squeezed out of the strawberries, leaving the water in the form of ice largely in the press.

It is also important for the production of ice wine that the grapes are healthy and that they are not attacked by rot (botrytis). Ice wine has a delicate, fine, complex, and lasting varietal bouquet. These are very sweet wines with high acid content.

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