Ice wine, what is it? Why is ice wine expensive? That would be a question many of you might ask me. Let’s take a look at some of the answers. They are one of the rarest forms of wine, specially produced in the more northern regions. You may be wondering why exactly in the northern regions. This is because it is possible to prepare ice wine due to the suitable weather in this area.

Although the weather conditions are favorable for the production of ice wine, very few quantities are produced. Why is it like that? Because you need the highest quality grapes, which are not in abundance. To tell you the truth, ice wine is something you can’t just buy for two reasons:

a) Rare availability

b) Expensive

Why Is Ice Wine Expensive?Why is ice wine expensive? Because the production is very demanding.

Owning ice wine is like a dream come true. How happy would you feel if you had a house or owned a BMW? Excited and elated, am I right? Owning ice wine is very similar to this experience. Rare are the grapes needed to make ice wine. Even if you get grapes, the time must be appropriate for its production. Only when all this falls into place an iced wine can be prepared.

What are the prerequisites for the preparation of ice wine? High-quality grapes that are fully ripe and temperature -5 ° C. It is necessary to maintain the temperature at -5 degrees C for several days. At this temperature, the grapes will be frozen. Do you know when these grapes were harvested? Only at night.

So far, we have seen how precious ice wine is and the requirements for making ice wine. Let us now look at the process of preparing ice wine. To get the juice from this grape, it is lightly pressed. Due to the extreme temperature, these juices will be frozen. They are fermented by adding sugar. This is how ice wine is prepared.

You Can’t Buy Ice Wine in Wine Shops

By reading this article, you may have realized that ice wine is not sold in wine shops. Similarly, they are equally rare to find online. Even if you managed to find it online, it would surely cost you a whole fortune for one bottle.

If you really want to taste this beautiful and excellent ice wine, reach out to winemakers in the northern regions. You never know when the bottles will come, and as soon as they come, they will disappear. Prepare to personally reward the winemaker if you want to taste iced wine.

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