Even though Slovenia is so small that in one day we can come from the mountains, fields, plains, across the hills to the sea, it is also true that Slovenia’s cultural and natural wealth is so great that you can not fully see it in one year. Bela Krajina from Slovenia (White Carniola) is an incredibly natural and culturally rich landscape. Bela Krajina lies in the southeastern part of Slovenia and comprises the area between Gorjanci, Kočevski Rog, and the Kolpa River. The story of the very name of this region is fascinating, and white is supposed to come from the white linen fabric.

Numerous landscapes with natural characteristics and beauties, cultural monuments, and richness in the plant and animal world offer us countless possibilities for beautiful days spent exploring our beautiful Slovenia.

Bela Krajina from Slovenia Is Covered with White BirchBela Krajina from Slovenia

The white color is also the color of the Bela Krajina national costume. Zeleni Jurij, the symbol of Bela Krajina, wears white clothes; green is only a crown on his head. White also indicates Bela Krajina’s natural environment, covered with white birch, which nowhere else in Slovenia grows as often as it is in Bela Krajina. White storks are also found, which you will see in many electric poles and chimneys of houses.

Bela Krajina has a long and vibrant, and fascinating historical story. Many ancient remains from the distant past evidence this.

One of Slovenia’s most attractive archaeological monuments is located in the village of Rožanc, along with the road Semič – Črnomelj. This is “Mitrej nad Rožancem,” relief in the rock, which is supposed to have been created in the second century. It shows the representation of the god Mithra. Mithraism is a religion that we consider an ancient Persian religion.

The remains of the castle of Vinica also testify to life in the past. This castle is in the village of Vinica. Here is also the birthplace of our poet Oton Župančič. His most famous works are for the youngest, and these are the poetry collections Pisanice, Ciciban, and 100 Puzzles. His drama, Veronika Deseniška, is also widely known.

The Museum Is Located in Metlika CastleMuseum

There is a museum in the birthplace of the poet, which is worth seeing. Permanent and occasional exhibitions in the Bela Krajina Museum talk about the lives of people in Bela Krajina. The museum is located in Metlika Castle dating back to the 15th century. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday, between 9 am and 5 pm, and on Sundays and public holidays between 10 am and 2 pm. You will pay € 4.00 for the entry fee, 3.00 € for retirees, and for children up to 15 years € 3.00. If there are more visitors in the group, it is worth buying a family card, which is 8,00 €.

Bela Krajina can boast yet another interesting cultural scene. These are three fares in Rosalnice, some two kilometers from Metlika. There you can see three churches standing side by side in the interior of the cemetery wall. Three Gothic churches, one dedicated to the Sorrowful Mother of God, the second See Man, and the third church of the Lourdes Mother of God, have an exciting interior and each of its own story. Many pilgrims come to the churches every year, and many gather there for St. Jerneja, the first Sunday after August 24.

Bela Krajina from Slovenia Also Boasts Many Natural Beauties

In addition to many historical monuments, Bela Krajina from Slovenia also boasts many natural beauties, specialties, and characteristics.

The river Kolpa is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural beauties of the Bela Krajina. The Kolpa River is one of Slovenia’s most beautiful, pure, and warmest rivers. It is extremely rich in flora and fauna. Its shoreline is covered with trees, and it seems to us that there is no other world besides the river and the trees surrounding it. There are about forty indigenous fish species in the Kolpa River. It is home to an otter, one of the most endangered mammals in Europe. On the dam, you can admire the gray heron, a beautiful bird that grows up to half a meter and with open wings measures up to two meters wide. Along the Kolpa River, there are many walking and cycling trails along the forest paths, where you will enjoy the view of unspoiled nature and enjoy the silence that is disturbed only by the voices of nature, the wind, birds singing, the bubbling of water, the rustling of leaves in tree trunks.

Bela Krajina from Slovenia Is the Right Destination for Your Next Vacation

And if you enjoy this kind of vacation, then the holiday .along the Kolpa and Bela Krajina from Slovenia is the right destination for your next vacation. You can find yourself in a rural setting, in rural tourism, renting a cottage on Trška Gora or Vinji Vrh, or camping along the Kolpa River. Bela Krajina has several beautiful campsites in the natural environment with this beautiful, clean summer, even up to thirty degrees warm river. We visited the camp “Glamping Kolpa Resort” on the breeze of Bela Krajina. It is located in the village of Krasinec, not far from Črnomelj. You can stay in luxurious tents or rent a wooden glamping house. The camp also has a completely natural swimming pool and an open fireplace, where the “inhabitants” of the camp gather during the evenings. On holidays along the Kolpa River, you can enjoy swimming, boating, rafting, or kayaking. Also, those who love fishing will come to your account. Campsites also include beach volleyball courts, playgrounds for children, and more. In short, you will not be bored there, you will have something to do, but if you wish, you can go back to nature and walk along the water, in the forest, and visit some landmarks.

The Spring of the Krupa RiverThe Spring of the Krupa River

The spring of the Krupa River, the largest spring in Bela Krajina, in the village of Krupa, about 3 kilometers from Semič, is one of the characteristics that you need to look at. The spring of Jelševnik, some five kilometers to the west of Črnomelj, where a black human fish is found, was discovered about 300 years after the white human fish. Presentation boards that will give you information about this rare nursery are located at Župančičeva kuća in Jelševnik. There, you will also be shown a film about black human fish in your previous announcement.

Lahinja Landscape Park

Bela Krajina is also the area where the Lahinja Landscape Park is located along the Lahinja River. You can discover natural beauties and cultural treasures in marked thematic ways. In the park is the Klepcev Mill, where you can get homemade flour. Here is also the Gallery of Home and art crafts and the church of all saints with a bell tower on a chisel, characterized by the bells not being placed in the bell tower but hanging in the wall’s lines.

In short, Bela Krajina from Slovenia offers you countless opportunities for relaxation, enriching the spirit, and learning about the unique features and beauties of nature, historical sights, and cultural features. In friendly and welcoming locals, you will receive a warm reception. And from there, you will not leave thirsty or hungry because of cake from Bela Krajina, Bela Krajina frying, žlikrofi from Bela Krajina, buckwheat potica, and a drop of good wine. Bela Krajina is also a region of authentic, homemade Bela Krajina delicacies!

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